September 28, 2021

33 thoughts on “Challenges in Africa to expect / reasons why you should prepare before moving to Africa

  1. Thank you Daniel but I am wondering what about older people coming to Africa what type of business can they open just help them a little. Those who can't put in 40 hours .a week.

  2. Try to avoid getting sick some of the hospital have a bad reputation; foreigner? In Ghana it depends on where you are in Accra they will definitely see you as a Foreigner. Outside Accra you'll have better luck Central Region, Bronga Ahafo and The Volta Region are the friendliest regions to ADs. Bronga Ahafo is definitely the place to be if you're on a budget a really good one bedroom with fan and shower. You can rent for 50 Euros I'm from the UK and I quote Euros because the Government of the UK where I was born are amateurish and think they can take on the world. Economically without the EU opening up UK markets to dangerous American food and putting their own peoples health at risk and farmers out of business idiots! This brother is really good, calm and not over emotional gives excellent advice.

  3. Power "flatulations"? That is a Master's level quasi-double entendre describing a sudden power loss as a fart. Shakespeare would be proud, Milton threatened and I am just jealous as hell. Bravo! Are you just as skilled in your other languages?

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