September 22, 2023
Charleston White on White Lives Matter v Black Lives Matter, police brutality + more #DJUTV p10

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34 thoughts on “Charleston White on White Lives Matter v Black Lives Matter, police brutality + more #DJUTV p10

  1. I can tell you the difference between BLM and wlm. Blacks kill each other and come together for a brief second when the police kill one of us. Wlm they kill one of they own they going to send that nigga to prison as a community. They come together we don't. You got kids killing kids and BLM dont say shit.

  2. If you cant agree with this man when he being serious you not for us. Djutv you not for the black people. I see you do interviews laughing and talking with rappers/gangbangers but when cw come up you kind of look at him like he talking bullshit. All the shit he say is true.

  3. He the same type of nigga that sold his people to slave masters and the same type of nigga that set up Malcolm X black Panthers and Martin Luther King up for his own selfish needs & money I wouldn't be surprised if he throw on a mask ride a horse and burn a cross to prove a point yall dick ride so much and think he wont say do to you and that he is a person for the people

  4. One of the best interviews I've ever heard, so many black people should hear it. Too many black people work with white people and laugh with them and fail to understand they they don't see you all as equals and they never will. You just another nigga!

  5. Do me a favor and google
    Man freezes to death in jail cell in Alabama.
    They let this man freeze to death in his cell. His family called them for a wellness check. They said he shot once at them. Which doesn’t make sense cause there wasn’t ever a weapon found. But they put him in a cell with no clean water or toilet. When they finally took him to the hospital a month later his body temperature was in the 70s. He died of hypothermia in a jail cell naked. It’s not just y’all. But this case hasn’t got the national attention everything else does.

    How many times has TI been arrested without a scratch on him.

  6. My man it’s wrong you have to feel you have to be in that mindset. Not that you ain’t spot on cause you are preaching the truth. But I’m tell you as a white man that has nothing but love for anyone. The key to overcoming ALL the hate. White, brown, red, yellow. The key is overcoming hate itself. Their are absolutely way more ppl in this world that see ppl than the ppl that see color. Unity is the answer. The media companies are the biggest racist in the world. Most all racism starts with what the media covers. The ones that don’t see the background are the sheeple in this world. When racist crimes and racism incidents decrease in the world. The media steps in with a story, twists the truths around, and brings the hate back into the world. They want us to hate each other. It’s easier for them to control the world when we are too busy hating each other. Think about it. Really think about it.

  7. I have to disagree with the “it’s supposed to” because it shouldn’t be like that. No matter the color of your skin, sentencing should be equal with the exception of prior charges. White people get killed by cops everyday. Mesa, AZ – Daniel Shaver (white man, white cop), Ahwatukee, AZ – Ryan Whitaker (white man, white cop). These 2 were only known because the families reached out to the media. “Talking like a white person”, not sure what you mean by that. Not all white people talk the same, that’s a racist statement in itself. If Kanye’s kids ask if white lives matter, imagine being a child questioning if your white mother matters.

  8. True unbridled unfettered wisdom of the age instructing the young naive mind. Let this all be a lesson to the legalese of racial reality of the anglo-centric American system.

  9. Kanye does not have white kids Charleston! And white lives are not threatened. White America makes you very clear that their lives matter. Systemically the have the power. BLM was specifically for police brutality, that’s the responsibility they took on, now you create a movement for your concerns 🙄. Charleston sounds ignorant. When Asians received legislation for Stop Asian Hate. Where were you Charleston with this ALL LIVES MATTER bs. Why didn’t you dismantle their non inclusive movement. Only when black ppl start a movement blacks come out of the woodwork to destroy it and pander to whiteness. If he is our our idea of intellectual superiority black ppl are in trouble.

  10. Cops shoot more white people because whites are the majority, but whites don’t get shot for senseless crimes at the same rate as blacks. And since when do whites not Kill their brothers? The history of family shootings and European wars and genocide says differently. He’s talking about we’re in whites land expecting better, but he’s against blacks migrating back to Africa, or even joining forces with Africa. His viewing of blacks are based on the actions of gangs and people on the streets. He even talk negatively about blacks activists. He offers no solutions for blacks or no empowerment and the majority of stupid mfers eat it up while also not doing anything to better the communities.

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