September 21, 2021

29 thoughts on “Chicago suburb to become first city to give Black residents reparations

  1. Totally disgusting!!!! Who actually forged this country? MY ANCESTORS!!! Where's MY REPERATIONS for my relatives DYING in the
    Civil war TO FREE THEM? Don't you find it a bit contradicting when Africans, South Americans, ETC all want to leave the countries THEY SCREWED UP to come to OUR COUNTRY????? Yes, my ancestors are all WHITE.

  2. question….so what about the 350,000 white people and families who died fighting to end slavery.. do they still have to pay reparations? What about the thousands of black slave owners that lived in the USA what about those families…are they going to pay too.. also Im Irish our family never had slaves we came over as indentured servants.. do we have to pay too even though many died in my family fighting to end slavery???

  3. Imagine being lied to about every single aspect of your life since birth you were told you were brought here on ships from Africa when in fact you are already here and you're actually are a native American yes your ancestors are from Africa but they came here thousands of years ago well before anyone else came you were the first American your land was stolen from you you were killed you are murdered because they had technology using weapons and We are peaceful people our land was stolen and literally given to the white settlers that came we were then told to work for them on our own land imagine being from Africa coming to America and automatically knowing how to work the land that's impossible this is our Land we've always been here Martin Luther King actually said that our problem is this you're going to ask your Killers robbers murderers liars miseducators for some money don't deal with them what we should do is practice group economics and do not participate in their government shenanigans because that system is created for our demise isn't it obvious

  4. So y'all going to really sit here and spoon feed people their reparations instead of giving people their money in their hands to do with what they want

  5. Illinois was never a slave state, Douglas lost the debate. Plus most of the white residence of cook county are Irish, Polish, Italian and other European races that arrived in America after the 1920s. There great grandparents were in Europe not in America. Yet they're going to be taxed to give the black community money. Real fair, that policy itself is Racist!

  6. So, let me get this straight – Taxpayers in a a nothern state, where white people literally gave their lives by the millions in order to help free black people from slavery in the south (even there 1 out of 10 people was a slave owner) are paying black people who were never enslaved themselves. The whites who will pay these unconstitutional payouts of course never owned slaves, and their parents didn't either. This is a total outrage and is actually racism. They are taxing one color of people to pay another. This is the exact opposite of equality.

  7. Wait….how many WHITE people died….fighting to free blacks that were SOLD by black tribal leaders in Africa? 360,222 WHITE soldiers died to free slaves. Stop with this racism already. Nobody OWES anyone , anything. Unfortunate times. Oh and by the way, whites were slaves as well from conquering nations in Europe. Look it up and quit being stupid and racist. Racism is a two way street. Asians enslave other Asians….quit crying about this and educate yourself. You're not a slave now. Get an education —college scholarships to minorities, indigenous people, women, and the poor are bountiful and FREE. Whats your excuse? You're welcome.

  8. It comes from the sale of pot. Talk about stereotyping black people.
    Chicago is about 70% black and 90% Democrat so most of the taxpayers are Democrats so it makes sense that they would pay reparations.

  9. it's based on the assumption that all black people are descendants of slaves and all white people people are descendants of slave holders. Totally idiotic.
    It totally ignores the fact that many black people were implicit in the selling of slaves and many whites sacrificed their lives to free slaves.
    It also ignores the fact that most black people today have white ancestors, and most white people's ancestors came to the U.S after slavery ended.

    If you insist on giving black people reparations for slavery then I insist on a DNA test to make sure they aren't a descendant of slave traders and were actually descended from slaves.

  10. Why aren’t the people who are demanding reparations going to the hospitals and demanding reparations from the new born White babies?

    What’s the difference between demanding it from those innocent babies and the people today that also never lived during that history, who never played a role or had any impact? Why should you have to pay your father’s debts, let alone pay for the sins or errors of your great great great grandfathers?

    Thieves who stole from stores that eventually closed in the early 1900’s, should their families today have to pay reparations for the money that those businesses would have likely made had their business not been forced to close because of the thefts committed by the century old (now dead) thieves? Now imagine adding the demand that the payment only come from one race to the other race. Does race even play a role in that scenario? The grounds for reparations in that situation is the same argument as those demanding reparations be given to today’s Black community as a way of repairing the wrongs done to people of the past. Dues that heal a wound, fix a problem, or create confusion and resentment?

    Here’s the truth of this matter- YOU CANNOT REPENT FOR SOMEONE ELSE.

    If someone chooses to try and help right a wrong committed by some other party, that should be done entirely without compulsion or intimidation, and without demand. These reparations are being demanded, and they are grossly misguided. To think that their posterity may have to pay back those reparations when in is learned that their actions were wrong- it’s an insatiable list for material gain at the expense of the innocent. And here is the true doctrine for immediately fix this problem: FORGIVENESS.

    The Lord taught that the greater sin rests with the individual that refuses to forgive. Here, the people that refuse to forgive then compound their error by demanding unjust reparations from the innocent. Just wipe the slate clean through forgiveness and then don’t bring it up over and over, never allowing for the fruits of forgiveness to then flower. Instead, it’s just bitterness and wasted days of probation. Live YOUR life!

  11. As crestons wife enough giving to them that's been going on for a long time it's time for the native Americans to get their reparation my husband is half native my great grandma was native you could tell with my dad's people very dark complected. Give them it's their turn nobody hears them but I do. I'm tired I want reparations for them where's their college where's their magazine their channel. We have everything for black people nothing for natives I'm tired of it. Let's do something for them blacks got their apology a long time ago freedom came for them for the Jews but nothing for native Americans no freedom for all especially the natives it's their land remember that. They were here first before any other race I guess they don't loot riot so they don't get theirs I see it's wrong. I don't give a crap about political correctness so what you will not silence me only if I'm lead to the slaughter and so be it if that happens I'm not afraid of death. It's God you will answer to if you do that our govt is not to be trusted. Democrats or republicans it doesn't matter trump or biden they both can't be trusted. I remember trump with his pochantas statement. Biden just shows himself democrats do their dirty work to be seen republicans trump too cult of personality I don't follow my leaders can't trust them. People follow Obama or trump and believe in them you obviously have not seen cult of personality the leaders brain washed people.

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