May 23, 2022

32 thoughts on “China to Appoints Horn Special Envoy, British Council Accused Racism, Namibia Battling Locust

  1. i would like to say two things. 1. your reading of the news is excellent, i particularly enjoy how you take time to break down some of these foreign names… superb! 2. i'm waiting for 2nacheki to invite discussion from a panel or indeed your audience on why some of these things are occurring as they are. i love hearing the news, i simply fear that without analysis some of your younger viewers are missing a chance to develop their analytical powers. Be very proud of yourselves…

  2. Somalia better not have friggen China all up in my country, when I visit if I see their ass I’m running the out not having this ish. Your not going to be in my country opening up your mast restaurants and the being racist. Nope 🧕🏾🙄

  3. Racism is not only on China but also other countries. This is the reason why we Africans don't want whites from our land. China has its god. AFRICA HAS ITS OWN God. Why do you hate us black people. Really 🤔😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Why is China hiring for the Horn of Africa? Does that mean China owns the region?

    These countries only want Africa's resources and it's time we claim our land back. As ALL the companies that are mining our resources don't belong to Africa. Africa doesn't need them but they need Africa.

    As for the UK, most of them have a false sense of superiority so I am not shocked at all. Besides, the air conditioned warehouse of LOOT aka British museum is full of artefacts and instruments of power they are refusing to return.
    They are going to learn the hard way as Justice will be served one way or another.

  5. Mali have all this babylonians military in Mali is not safer to hold elections on this corrupt European democracy system and military need to hold the power to country come with 1 vices Mali dont need ecowas they are trade

  6. That's colonized mentality for ecowas to choose what is best for Malian citizens Mali sould leave ecowas cuz are descent of slave trade and descent of theose whom help them to colonized the continent to exchange for power

  7. Ecowas definitely understand but they are part of the colonialism supporter Mali is not stable condition right now to run for election it's not chosen by ecowas is chosen by malians

  8. If those locust were turned in to protein bars, no African children would be starving. Kill 2 birds with one stone by 1)turning the locust into a food source 2)stopping the locust from 3qting your food source. Boom, you just doubled your food supply.

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