October 20, 2021

41 thoughts on “China's property bubble: Can Xi make it stop? (Full show)

  1. Nationalize below market prices. Open Korea. Korea becomes large trade zone, North and South. 25+ million North Koreans, 6 million factory workers move to China as basically company condo living. Goods produced help living standards in North , stimulating population growth in Open Korea trade zone.

  2. China is moving the people living on top of mountain or very remote areas to a new build town so the children could go to school and receive education. It does not have economic value for now more for future. These people receive subsidies from government and they are happy to move from the mountain top. In China they don’t want people to buy second property. They think it is not healthy when everyone only wants to make capital gain from stock or property. I am not sure how this would work out. Just watch. They are looking very long term. I used to think freedom is everything but now have a second thought especially after COVID. It is silly to fight so long for just the freedom of wearing masks and vaccination. Freedom should not be above the whole society’s benefit.

  3. For the Americans these bubbles are devastating , but the Chinese will take care of it quite smoothly cause they have the power of reason and intelligents clear thinking and honesty. They are winners not whiners!

  4. Biden Proudly declares 1 president that's in office whiteout wore, but forget to thanks his predecessor President Trump that didnt started a wore, Biden started one against his one citizens

  5. This is not the same as Freddi Mac and Fanny May. PRC still have 600 million citicens living in rural areas just waiting for a job opportunity in the so called "<gohst cities". Besides; the bankers of this developer has not spread its loans and risks globally, like American Banks did prior to the leeman brothers collapse. The communism party controls chinese economy far Better than we do in the (Wild) West.

  6. The laws of bankruptcy is very well defined. The share holders lose their company. The creditors get all the assets. The receiver will apportion the assets fairly. It's not a problem
    The problem is the US, where the government bailed out the owners and managers retain their jobs.
    China is not like the US. The Chinese government is not owned by the corporations.

  7. Have watched quite a few analysis. Seems no one has realized the evil is deliberately and
    initiatively piercing the property bubble. He is seriously preparing for the final showdown with US.

  8. No Company should be BAILED OUT by Taxpayers…Just as the average Middle Class Person is responsible for his Finances, and no one will help this Average Taxpayer so it should be for CORPORATIONS.
    But this is Wishful thinking when it comes to Corporate Welfare.

  9. China help the US from the POP in 2008, they bought your debts and bonds. I am sure it’s capable to solve its own problems. Beside, the story is more than what it seems, the Chinese government is taking down the monopolistic corporation and enforce fair market competition, and solve poverty. They won’t bail the too big to fail, instead they are De-Leveraging the economy, unlike the US, you are printing to infinity for wall streets and the Big Cats, right? Mean while the US Fed needs a good excuse to keep printing money and if there is a dip, they can just blame other economy such as this one as excuse for its stock dip lol. Hypocrites, the playbook is really getting old like a never ending series sequels

  10. Evergrande debt crisis cannot be compared with Lehman which was part of systemic subprime mortgages involving all USA financial institutions because they all wants a piece of it even though the bonds were obviously junks. Even USA credit rating agencies were in on it. The biggest losers were foreign wealth fund and investors worldwide who were scammed to buy the junk bonds packaged with and pass on as investment grade bonds. The collapse was sudden too.

  11. Ordinary home buyers will be bailout but not investors. They are getting other developers to takeover the incomplete projects so impact will be minimised for buyers and banks.

  12. Don’t doubts Chinese gov. They r all chosen from the best from us. 😂 this problem now is solved. Gov policy the projects of this enterprise price can not be down more than 15%, now other huge enterprises take it. No debt problem again

  13. Some elements in China prefer to copy the fraudulent finances of the US and western countries, which will eventually could cause them problems, the Russians are the best, most of their reserves are in gold and other precious metals .

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