September 17, 2023
Chinese Man Telling His Opinion About African Men

“In all honesty Eddy, you are really lazy.” Chinese man telling his honest opinion about men as workers, providers, producers and leaders.
“People here don’t have any sense of time. It’s hard to adapt to here. They waste time in almost everything they do. So we go back and forth.”
Source: Empire of Dust


49 thoughts on “Chinese Man Telling His Opinion About African Men

  1. The Chinese man is not wrong and the African knows it. China was a dump. Look how they turned it around. Quickly too! With no resources of their own but manpower. It starts with the culture. The easiest thing to turn around. Invest in quality education

  2. Asian myself and while I agree…. when you learn more, you realize why things are that way. The DRC suffered one under one of the most notoriously brutal colonial regimes- Belgium- which pitted tribes and villagers against one another to meet rubber quotas, or have their hands cut off. Under the Belgians, little was done for infrastructure or other development- if anything, somewhat the opposite (other than for military and resource extraction purposes) considering that prior to European colonization, one of Africa's largest kingdoms (the Kongo) had ruled- children were taken from their families just like in the US/Canada/Australia's "residential schools/etc" to be "civilized/Christianized/Europeanized" with high fatality rates there as well, famines led to outbreaks of disease- the region suffered a depopulation of somewhere between 20-75%, or 1.5 – 10 million dead (records are scarce).

    The Belgian Congo was never meant to be for the benefit of the Congolese- well, that goes as a given. It was a system of resource extraction backed by unrestrained violence and cruelty, and what native trade, agriculture, institutions, and cottage industries existed formerly, were neglected if not outright destroyed in favor of cash crops (rubber) and creating economic/material dependency (mercantilism, basically, among other things) with near all education, industry/value-added labor, societal investment, etc. reserved solely for the imperial core.

    Then, the DRC gained its independence through revolution- not exactly something that tends to leave things in pristine condition- and yet, things get worse from there. Soon as they were finally freed from the Belgian yoke, mutinies and secessionist movements broke out- and the Belgians came back with American support, deposing the democratically elected government in favor of an infamous military dictator- Joseph Mobutu- executing the former PM, Patrice Lumumba- and setting the DRC up to be the stage for a proxy war with the Soviets.

    China suffered greatly as well- but thankfully, the west was never able to savage China to the extent it did Africa, Latin America, or much of Asia- China, alongside Ethiopia, Iran, Afghanistan, Nepal, Bhutan, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, and (somewhat) Liberia, never fell under complete colonization. Western nations (and Japan) were able to tear out chunks of China- coerce extrajudicial rights for their citizens and corporations, spread their missionaries and drug trades as they pleased- they were able to destroy China's cities and slaughter its people (not just talking Japanese war crimes either- the Opium Wars, the Six Nation Alliance/Boxer Rebellion, the French, Imperial Russian, and Japanese wars). They even shattered China completely at one point (the warlord era). And after the "Century of Humiliation," they still had to suffer the resumption of the brutal civil war (with the west backing the KMT), and then western-backed anti-communist dictatorships and conflicts to both their north and south.

    But China retained some crucially important things- for instance, its own domestic-oriented bureaucracies, its shared identity (something many artificial post-colonial borders lack- and which many directly colonized states had broken through divide-and-conquer tactics), its own modest self-sufficiency- and through the communist revolution, it fully affirmed its sovereignty over its land, resources, industry, and policy, without the many shackles other "global southern" nations came away with.

    China was able to develop according to its own needs- some of it was trial and error, sure, but through it all, China managed to resist western-backed coups/color revolutions/regime change attempts, protect its industry and infrastructure from falling back into western control, defend its borders, and build itself up to where it is today. The same cannot be said for the DRC, or most of Africa, Latin America, and Asia for that matter.

    That continuity is everything- the state was able to see fruition on its long-term plans, cottage industries were able to lend themselves to the natural development of modern industrialization, institutions expanded, the common civic identity was able to be further cultivated…

    In truth, China was, on paper, far worse off than the DRC in 1960. The country was in shambles from years of war(s), and had yet to recover from the plunder of imperialists and warlords alike. China's GDP per capita was 90$ USD (adjusted for inflation, ofc)- the DRC's was more than double, at 220$. But China was able to develop continuously, and defend itself against western encroachment, due to the previously mentioned differences- and the DRC was not.

    For the DRC, to have China's advantages would have required the kingdom of the Kongo surviving European encroachment and building a broader (enough) common identity, and from there, the nation of Kongo surviving whatever reforms and possible revolutions might take place to progress forward. It would have required the nation of the Kongo to avoid, or break free of, western neo-imperialism, unequal treaties, debt traps, insurgencies, and so on- and it would have required the Kongo to undergo at least several decades of continuous development and state-building without a western-backed regime change/coup, like China did. Such a challenge- admittedly would have been near impossible for the Kongo, geographically situated where it is (amidst many other western "spheres of influence"), and its far smaller population and resources, as well as its development, would add even more to the monumental challenge.

  3. it's such a tragedy that this groundbreaking documentary is deemed too controversial for telling the truth and it's also so sad how criminally underrated and how unknown this documentary is , that's what happens in this day and age when the powers that be stomp on free speech rights

  4. "Experience should be passed on. Only that way can you develop".
    African man looks with contempt
    You can see the cultural difference between the Chinese confucian culture and the non-existent African culture which sees everything as a power struggle. Asians took everything the Europeans brought and learned everything. Take for example Japan, in a couple decades after being forced to open by Europeans, they became a major Empire (Meiji restoration) and actually beat a European power in battle (Russia).

  5. Some people think the Chinese man is racist for what he says, but if he was racist, he would not expect and suggest that they can do better. He puts the blame on the choices made by people, not because of their genetics.

  6. Typical, insulting blame-the-victim colonizer mentality has metastasized now to the point where it is accepted as normal. Chinese, especially of all people, don’t want to recognize the historic link between the assassinations of Lumumba, Hammarskjöld, Kennedy and the subversion of the mid-twentieth century decolonization and independence movement. What Chinese man learned from colonizers was how to use false promise of industrial economy to finance imperial theft of resources.

  7. I think the white man brought alcohol to d Africans, Australian aboriginals, American Indians n opium to Chinese not to forget alcohol to Mexicans also. Its just to keep u people drunk while they loot the country.

  8. But they didn't ask you to come to their continent or leave them anything. They've existed and survived as Africans long before Chinese or western colonizers arrived who were not invited. They do not need to have your ways to be "developed." They have their ways and customs. It's their continent, not yours. You should respect that and if you can't do that, then leave.

  9. F#@k off he was basically saying you were better off when you were colonised, saying you're going backwards since then, the next level to this is you can't govern your country so we will do it for you. The fucking Audacity of this people talking to Africans like that, I'm mad. Africas making a Chinese man a chief in Ghana because he's supposedly is helping with development, please…they're the once benefiting the most while giving Africa pennies, shame on our leaders for allowing this to happen cuz they are selfish bought & sold for pennies! please watch BBC documentary of African Little children exploited for video content which has become a booming billion dollar industry in china. Please Remember your worth Africas, the creator Blessed us with alot, our ancestors have built things that can't be replicated until today. Please Almighty creator help us wake to who we are & not allow every Tom, dick, chow take to advantage of us!

  10. For him to say you've destroyed what the colonisers have left you smh does he understand what colonisers were doing was benefiting themselves & destroying the people & their self worth so it's easier to steal their resources. Any infrastructure that was built was for them not for Africans. Please read a book called I didn't do it for you about Italian colonisation in Eritrean East Africa.

  11. It is UNNATURAL to work for others as labor to increase their material wealth and not your own. Funny how when people finally do get wealthy and independent, they seek peace on a beach somewhere on an island, or relaxing or partying. Lazy is a subjective term. China is not one to talk about freedom or joy. Billions of people and almost no creativity or individual expression. Africa is the richest continent on earth, and everyone wants a piece. Invaders.

  12. When the West falls , the Chinese army will run through Africa like a buzz saw , and the synagogue of Satan media , will turn a blind eye !
    Mark my words !

  13. What's with all the ugly guys with the good looking African women in the photos? Is that just to rub salt in to the wounds? 😂 They all look like Golden Harvest movie extras.

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