December 7, 2022

45 thoughts on “Chinese Overfishing Killing Africa, Mauritius Devastated by Cyclone, Poaching Mastermind Meets End

  1. The chinese have FORGOTTEN their past dwellings on this PLANET… AND MUST AGAIN LEARN THE RESPECT OF THE ELDERS IS A MUST… WE HAVE MAGIC TOO… REMIND them…before it is too late… WE KNOW ?who? the chinese really ?ARE?

  2. These African puppets or babysitters for the colonisers infrastructures are a joke.

    They have done absolutely NOTHING for the continent. The only thing they have done successfully is to test them for a meeting.

    I can't wait for them to meet their demise together with their masters. Africans especially the Youth must continue with the REVOLUTION.

    Malians, we are with you all and it's a matter of time when the rest of Africa start telling the colonisers to leave.

    We can't let China become the next colonisers after europeans and arabs.
    Freedom is not given, IT IS TAKEN

  3. But while the WS Agenda has Africa by the balls, the medical, health, and science industry ignored cancer treatment and care by promoting vaccines as their only option for care in all areas of health. Look at all the people who died needlessly, which depopulation has been part of foreign policy anyway. So we can't complain about our condition, when we continue to look towards our historic enemy for solutions. When will Blk Africa Love, and Respect itself!!

  4. It's time to stop taking loans from China, coz they start to think they own Africa. No more Chinese loans from now onwards, unless conditions are flexible to retain our sovereignty.

  5. When Nigeria lost to Tunisia, I said that Egypt will win the cup or at least silver medal. Now it has come to past. Nigeria lost this cup due to over zealous and over pompous attitude of the young players. The whole players contributed to their failure, though they're best qualified for the cup. I have spoken.

  6. Every foreigner who show up at Africa's borders, come with an agenda to exploit and when African youths show up at their borders, they're sent back to drown in the Mediterranean sea.
    They fund conflicts in Africa, they rape Africa of it's resources, they're using HARP technology to control Africa's. Weather, they use Africa as guinea pigs with their untested vaccines, they've committed the worst of any Holocaust on the African Continent. All this and Africa is still Asleep

  7. They go to our motherland and drain all the natural resources then come to our communities in America and sell us tainted food.

  8. Makes me wonder why Africa continues to let other nations deplete her natural resources. Are you that naive to keep believing that the foreigners are your friends? Have you not learned from the past? If, and when Africa falls, the world is finished. Time to take the reigns and control your destiny. Africa must do better.

  9. If a country does not protect its natural resources, those resourses wont be available to its decendants! Create an internationally recognized fishing area and protect it.

  10. I can see why there are so many coups. Only weak incompetent leaders would allow the levels of deprivation, environment degradation and hostility coming from the Chinese. They aren't bringing jobs or anything, just infrastructure projects, pollution and predatory loans.

  11. Thanks for the updates. We are in solidarity with the people of Mauritius; the AU (summit) for once in their existence should be serious with Africa and its people; Sierra Leone should ban the Chinese fishing in their Sea, those guys are very greedy; may the best the team win the AFCON, though sentimentally as a Ghanaian I support 🇸🇳.

  12. I know for a long time that the Chinese were in Africa to exploit the continent, probably they realize that Africans are not making maximum use of their resources and so they come to show you Africans how to do it, the sad thing is that all of their exploit are being taken out to China, once again the Africans are allowing outside nations to deprive them of their riches and, then they complain that they are poor, how they hell foreigners are doing large scale fishing in Africa's waters, is this happening anywhere else in the world? I suggest that you stop complaining because it is you who are giving away your BIRTHRIGHT.

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