March 29, 2023

Global powers are competing among themselves to gain greater influence in Africa as the continent’s workforce grows into the world’s biggest. Who should win our trust, asks Ivor Ichikowitz.
In the competition for hearts and minds in Africa today, one word rises above all others in significance: jobs. Recognising the promise of the continent that will be home to nearly half of the world’s youth in the next decade, global powers are, in 2023, vigorously re-energising their efforts to engage African leaders and thus our citizenries.
However, it is the ones that propose win-win economic partnerships with us that will see the most success.
China, the United States, the European Union (EU) and Russia are the primary global influencers that have positioned themselves for partnership with African nations of late, both in terms of investment and popular perceptions.
A poll conducted among young Africans in 15 countries by my foundation last year, based on over 4,500 interviews,…

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