September 18, 2023

Murder Case – Christopher M. McCowen – Supreme Judicial Court () for his wrongful …


3 thoughts on “CHRISTA WORTHINGTON MURDER – McCowen's SJC Appeal = AN FBI "CoIntelPro" HIT

  1. the dna sperm plus his past record (that the jury didnt even hear about because the law doesnt allow that) convinced me hes guilty. even his interviews from prison after his conviction trying to exonerate himself convinced me more he was guilty. as far as the jury; i do believe they should have had at least 1/3rd minority-people of his peer. the black juror who afterwards claimed she felt threatened by other jurors; i find that hard to believe. if she was, why didnt she go to the bailiff?! ive been on several juries. the whole purpose of the deliberation is to review the facts & then come to an agreement. so you do work towards getting everyone on the same page. i think the black juror was confronted by people in her community who didnt agree with the verdict & she felt pressured to switch sides, so to speak. she was very outspoken afterwards, so i dont believe she was intimidated during the trial. btw, im black & would have voted guilty (from my limited view, not being at the trial) from what ive seen & read, including the book, reasonable doubt.

  2. Frazier did it and has been accused multiple times of sexual assault and also molesting children and faces no charges and walks free in the "Justus" club. I knew Chris personally and he has a heart of gold and would never hurt a fly.

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