March 30, 2023
Church Committee Hearings: James Adams, FBI Abuses, COINTELPRO

The Testimony of FBI Official James Adams. He is questioned about FBI programs such as COINTELPRO, as well as the FBI’s …


1 thought on “Church Committee Hearings: James Adams, FBI Abuses, COINTELPRO

  1. Why did the committee not insist that Director Clarence Kelley testify? Kelley had a career in the FBI from 1940 thru 1961. He retired & became chief of Kansas City Police in Missouri from 1961 thru 1973. He was nominated by President Nixon & confirmed by Congress as the 2nd director of the FBI. James B. Adams joined the FBI in1951& eventually became the Associate Director of the FBI in 1973 & retired in 1979. I found a c span video from 4/27/16 "Church Committee Hearings on FBI Intelligence Activities". This has a short interview of Frederick A. O. Schwarz Jr., chief counsel, & then clips from his testimony as well as Curtis Smothers, minority counsel, from 11/18/75 hearing.

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