September 22, 2023
"Churchill Was A MONSTER!" Piers Morgan Debates Winston Churchill With BLM Activist

is joined by Black Lives Matter activist Imarn Ayton and historian and author Sir Anthony Seldon to discuss how should be remembered and if we are right to critique him for some of his reportedly racist behaviour in the past.

Piers believes that we should always see as the hero that saved this country from Nazi Germany and fascism – and he doesn’t accept why that perspective has changed in modern society. Imarn then suggests that he could still be a national hero whilst also being held accountable for the “monstrous” things he had done, such as setting up Kenyan concentration camps that use torture tactics. Anthony agrees that the things did should be discussed but we should also remember how pivotal he was in maintaining freedom in today’s world.

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30 thoughts on “"Churchill Was A MONSTER!" Piers Morgan Debates Winston Churchill With BLM Activist

  1. Wasn’t slavery invented in black countries thousands of years ago, and is still prevalent in black countries today?
    Britains involvement in slavery was a blink of an eye in the history of slavery.
    I only mention this because of the lady being so anti white.

  2. why Piers Morgan is wasting his valuable time with this woman. she is is not at the level to give logical explanation and make a sound argument, she's not. she didn't studied other histories than those written about black people and you can see this when you guys talk about other issues than black people, she was mute. she came with the hunger in India and Kenyan testicle story, no more.

  3. Only atrocities committed in the West are valid but not in their colonies. During the Bengal famine, the amount of wheat that was shipped out of India leaving people starving and die of hunger to feed london. He did save his country but he was as evil as any other dictators at that time.

  4. Hitler never intended to go to war with Britain…Its britain and france that declared war on Germany….so the point about Churhil being the saviour of freedom and freespeech and britain facing some sort of existential crisis is just ludicrous….Not defending Hitler…Hitler was epitome of evil……Churchill re directed food grown in india to british troops for war which could otherwise been used to alleviate the bengal famine…British did their fair share of atrocities in colonies….collective west has tendency of portraying themselves as good guys ….

  5. On the Indian question. I can assure piers that facts on the ground would make him feel ashamed. Give a chance to Indians on your show. We will break the Churchill era for you.

  6. What is a monster? Was hitler a monster? Yes. Was Churchill a monster? Ni. Why, What is the difference? The key is What is the goal. Sometimes a good man have to do What a bad man is doing, to overcome What the bad man did. You have to have the big picture in mind. You cant look at the details as If was an equation. If you try to point out something good hitler did you are crazy.
    What Churchill politics did in India i do not know. But i would not call him Evil. Im not sure i call him a Hero. But he was a leader in i difficult time.

  7. This woman starts by saying "Just me as a random person". She is not a random person, she is a black woman who follows the BLM movement and has an agenda. She IS NOT a random person. She is obviously an intelligent person. The problem is she was told a lie and she is perpetuating the lie without doing her due diligence. You know, sort of like anybody that thinks Trump has ever told the truth, ever!

  8. You better research what is being said by African leaders and political groups in South Africa about killing white. Truly racist and sickening. Also, research what Charles Darwin said. Very easy to go back to ANY era and national country before they became more international. I believe 'White devils' was the chosen epithet for racist towards white people. So, BAD PEOPLE exist everywhere in EVERY RACE. SO, ALL LIVES MATTER. Simple really, a child can see it.

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