September 22, 2023
Citizens' Commission to Investigate the FBI: 1971

On March 8, 1971, a group of citizens (aka The Citizens’ Commission to Investigate the FBI) broke into a small FBI office in …


21 thoughts on “Citizens' Commission to Investigate the FBI: 1971

  1. Mr. John C. Raines kinda looks like Alexei Navalny ….. well this doc. sounds great. These stories from other corner of the world is really great to listen/watch. Courageous people who stood up for injustice are always admirable.

  2. Unbelievably courages group of people!
    Amazing documentary- I love you tube!
    To send an anonymous letter to ML King, asking him to commit suicide shortly before he was awarded the Nobel peace prize..??!! I just can’t f…..g believe it…

  3. "Wreck the groups trying to wreck the country"? Sir, what you really mean "wreck the groups that were trying to change the white privilege status quo."

  4. Today's the 51st anniversary of their noble and heroic deed.

    In a better society, these heroes — Bill, John, Bonnie, Keith, Bob, Judi, and Ralph — would be memorialized and celebrated, and everyone would be exhorted to read Betty Medsger's outstanding chronicle, "The Burglary: The Discovery of J. Edgar Hoover's Secret FBI."

  5. These people wouldn't have opposed the war if we had been bombing Nazis in Hanoi. They were/are actually Communists of one stripe or another. Fine. But at least admit it.

    That being said, the FBI has shown itself to be an organization that has repeatedly flaunted the Bill of Rights. They've managed to alienate even Conservatives.

    Also, I view the draft as un Constitutional. It is simply not a power afforded to Congress. Seems like it is a violation of the 9th, 13th and possibly the 10th and 14th Amendments.

  6. This is really interesting, but also kinda predictable. A lot of people are using this for evidence the fbi is still corrupt, saying people don't change. I get it but it's a funny statement as it's pretty unlikely anyone from the 70s is still with the fbi. Maybe one or two I suppose.

  7. A great documentary into a corrupt government institution that’s shown time after time it cannot be trusted with power and should be dissolved.

    Too bad your channel isn’t larger. Would love to see millions of views ans comments on this.

  8. My question is there anyone truly & utterly stupid enough to believe the FBI/NSA because of these brave freedom fighters stopped these disgusting activities? I'm VERY aware of they're surveillance and if I ever find positive proof of it I assure you my reaction is going to make national news for a few days. I'm not in your own words "…going anywhere". Cowards.

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