SMART CLASSES …. Photos, video clips and Animation ka use karke koshish ki hai ki learning process thoda entertaining banaya jaaye aur Visuals ki madad se students zyada achhe se yaad rakh paaye tamaam cheezon ko… Padhai ka process aisa ho ki students ka thought process develop ho, outlook develop ho is tezi se badalti duniya mein aur saath hi saath achhe marks bhi aaye exams mein… Is balance ko banaye rakhne ki koshish ki hai….

Class 6 NCERT Social and Political Life Chapter 4
Key Elements of Democratic Governments

Explained in Hindi and English along with photos and visuals for a better understanding. The aim is to make learning process entertaining to students as well as helping them to develop a good thought process in this swiftly changing world as well as help them get good marks in exams.

See this video and write down your reviews so that we could try to improve our videos for your better understanding .

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