September 22, 2023
[Classroom]: AHOSAN: Elemental Restoration - Week 1

[Classroom]: AHOSAN: Elemental Restoration – Week 1

Excerpt from week 1 of our 4-week online course. **LATE REGISTRATION IS OPEN UNTIL MONDAY 3/8/21. REGISTER BELOW**

Grounding • Rooting • Sprouting • Flowering
addiction • depression • anxiety • irateness

The Akan term AHOSAN means ‘restoration’, ‘recovery’. It is comprised of the terms SAN meaning ‘return’ and AHO meaning the ‘self’. In the spiritual context this references restoration or recovery from spiritual discordance. It is a return to aligning with our Divine function in Creation. When through lack of insight and ritual purification one allows internalized conditionings or external pressure from physical and non-physical individuals/entities to derail one’s focus, disorder prevails in . The natural cyclical manifestation of behavior governed by the four elements becomes corrupted. It is through elemental purification that we restore our focus and thus Divine Order to our lives.

The grounding nature of Asaase (Earth) is restoration from addiction. The rooting depths of Nsuo (Water) is restoration from depression. The sprouting expression of Mframa (Air) is restoration from anxiety. The flowering expansion of Ogya (Fire) is restoration from irateness. We align with the Abosom (Deities) animating the four elements and their expressions including the four seasons, four cardinal points, four divisions of the day-cycle and four-fold division of the Soul/Divine-Consciousness. This is reflected in our cosmogram and delineates restorative ritual.

Dwooda (Mondays) – March 1st – March 22nd at 8pm est on the Zoom platform

**LATE REGISTRATION IS OPEN – You will receive the full recording from the first week and all subsequent live sessions and their recordings going forward.

Registration: $20 –

*Our books for this course are free downloads.*

*The video archives for our NKOM course is recommended as a prerequisite for this course*

*Open to Afurakanu/Afuraitkaitnut (Africans~Black People) only*

Instructor: Odwirafo Kwesi Ra Nehem Ptah Akhan, Author of 31 books, Odumafo – Traditional Diviner within the Hoodoo Religion and Founder of Hoodoo Gyaasedan – Hearth Shrine of Akan Ancestral Religion in North America –


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