September 22, 2023

Africa can be a in food system transformation that also alleviates poverty and protects the environment, but it will take collaborative and co-ordinated work, argue Angela Churie Kallhauge, Exec Vice-President, Environmental Defense Fund, Ishmael Sunga, CEO, Southern Confederation of Agricultural Unions and Serah Makka, Exec Director, ONE Africa.

When a continent with 65% of the ’s arable land struggles to feed its 1.4bn people, we know something is wrong and that the and global food systems need a rethink.

The pressing need to fashion a more productive, transparent, equitable food system – and reduce poverty and the far-reaching effects of climate change – requires us to urgently forge alliances among diverse stakeholders and sectors.

In this case, our collective efforts, spanning agriculture, poverty alleviation and the environment, form a powerful force to drive lasting change and support thriving…

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