September 22, 2023
Clinton Allies TAKE OVER Black Lives Matter Foundation

21 thoughts on “Clinton Allies TAKE OVER Black Lives Matter Foundation

  1. Don't forget her espionage spying on A setting President.
    Having the over the inter web leave a electronic trail proof her EVILNESS is Way Bigger than Watergate on the spying.
    She is A true INSURRECTIONIST.

  2. When they said they wanted to take over the system and abolish capitalism, that’s who they are. The mistake Robbie is to not acknowledge that they’re telling us who they are, not that they did.

  3. Hillary Clinton does not care about Black people, this woman has been the number one person to call black youth Super Predators and she believes that we think she cares about our children. She has ulterior motive and we need to stay alert!

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