September 22, 2023
Co-founder of Black Lives Matter mourns her cousin Keenan dying after being tased by LA police

The Los Angeles Police Department has released body cam footage showing its officers tasing Keenan Darnell Anderson on …


29 thoughts on “Co-founder of Black Lives Matter mourns her cousin Keenan dying after being tased by LA police

  1. how about taking accountability for your actions ! those cops were more than calm and patient with him ! that guy was high and paranoid out of his mind, he caused a pretty major accident / wreck on the road, he fled from that, he also tried to jump into someone's car and run that way, and he repeatedly resisted the cops after so much attempts to cal him down and get him to stop resisting ! the cops are not at fault here. when are yall gonna quit playing the victim card and start taking responsibility fo your own actions, attitude, and behavior?? yes, there are bad cops out there who should never have a badge, but most of them are good people who have an extremely difficult and dangerous job and have to make major decisions in split seconds. smdh

  2. drumroll please

    and the winner for the most deserving case of Darwinism goes to………..Keenan for his blatant disobedience to direct orders and failure to not be a piece of crap!

    He got exactly what he was asking for!!

  3. The guy is on drugs running around in the street trying to carjack an Uber driver and repeatedly resists arrest. Geez their mental jumping jacks to twist this are insane 😂

  4. Lol you guys are Beyond fake you edit that video very well you should show the whole video dude is a tweaker that would not listen this is a straight clown show

  5. Show the whole video the officers didn't do anything wrong dude was a crackhead out of his mind acting a fool they were super patient with him and I don't even like the police like that but what's right is right what's wrong is wrong they didn't even do anything wrong

  6. Blm is racist against whites. Tearing towns down and worshiping george floyd while tony tempa was killed the same way as floyd in 2016 and the officers havent been charged to the day.

  7. Anyone watching this on MSNBC or other media with an agenda or narrative to push needs go find the full footage and watch it. Then compare it to the edited and narrated footage they show to fit their story. Then you see how they mislead and lie to their viewers. This isn't just an isolated event. They decide what you will believe and think. They are told what narrative to spin and lies to tell by someone with the money and power to control 90% of the Media. In turn they control who you vote for even if it's the most corrupt politician in America, but you wouldn't know that because they also suppress true information that would cause them not to be elected.

  8. Of course you only show part of the video. You skipped the part where he was smiling and deliberately escalating the situation. He got exactly what he wanted. He had studied the police procedure and knew how they would react to him saying he wanted water and then running into traffic. If he had simply stopped when they first started talking to him he would have at most gotten a trip to the station and been bailed out soon after.

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