September 29, 2023
COINTELPRO 2.0: Fighting Government Surveillance of Black and Muslim Organizations

The Black Identity Extremist Abolition Coalition (BIEAC) convenes its first conference to collaborate on efforts to fight


33 thoughts on “COINTELPRO 2.0: Fighting Government Surveillance of Black and Muslim Organizations

  1. Yes because FBI has all but stopped investigating the so-called white nationalist groups. That should come as no surprise since their best buddy now occupies the Oval Office.

  2. The FBI is no good because the only thing they do and what they do is kill people and that's it they will do their part for the New World Order and the destruction of mankind this is the vehicle of white supremacy and in the end they will obliterate themselves also because while they make others Expendable you can bet there's a force above the FBI that will make them Expendable to cuz when you look at and think of Lucifer he says why kill one bird with one stone what I can kill two birds with one stone I could use the FBI to steal kill and destroy and at the same time make the FBI expendable also

  3. I'm tired of being called minority, we're not the minority the white man is the minority their numbers are dwindling this is why this big movement across this country to outlaw abortion

  4. Nothing new..with a perpetual hatred our oppressors have always had against us. . Protesting has neva worked 4 us. Wake up Israel and come back to our true heritage of the 1st 5 books in the KJV. that's our only salvation which is thru the savior Christ.
    Deuteronomy 7:6 👈 that's us!!
    No we are not equal!! Wake up my people and remember who u are.
    Neva give up..We are stronger together

  5. Hopefully Black people can now better understand why we have been returned to again calling ourselves Colored. The term "people of color" was not our creation. It was pushed to us so we wouldn't call ourselves Black.

    Black was what we chose as we freed ourselves from being Negroes and Colored. Black was empowering and identified us with a long history that began in Africa before being enslaved in what is called America. The FBI is saying that identification for them is too extreme.

  6. This Statement Is Hereby Declared An Official Complaint To Be Filed With THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY Office Of Civil Rights And Civil Liberties, THE U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE Inspector General And U.S. Attorney's Office. With Justifiable Accusations Of Multiple Violations Of The Code Of Federal Regulations, United States Code; Civil Rights Act, Crime Victims Rights Act, Patriot Act, And Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, As Well As, Gross Violations of the 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 9th, And 10th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution. By Denying Myself And Others Privilege To The Bill Of Rights As Prescribed Within The United States Constitution Which Is The Supreme Law Of The Land.

    I recently inquired about the Black Identity Extremist Intelligence Assessment on May 14, 2019 in an effort to researchand fully understand the BIE label. In which my prior suspicions, including but not limited to, intentional unethical behavior from the Federal Bureau of Investigations are now justifiable accusations. With respect to the law enforcement community I understand the extreme difficulties and compromises that must be made on a daily basis to ensure the protection of all American citizens, infrastructure, and interests of the United States Government. WE ALL LOVE THIS COUNTRY But, what has been done is more than shameful, disrespectful, and utterly repugnant. One of the most iconic,feared, and respected agencies in the world. I fear has become a cesspool for corruption, racism, dyscognition, and a lack of moral character within some of the Bureau's finest agents,“Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity,” the F.B.I. motto use to meanwhat is stated and was once respected and recited as though it held some special place in the hearts and minds of federal law enforcement personnel. Those days are long gone now! One of the most important standard operating proceduresthe Bureau has is requiring a signature and date, for accountability purposes, upon completion of any and all Intel Assessment memos, reports, and/or internal literary works etc… As clearly shown within the original classified document version of (BIE) Black Identity Extremist Intelligence Assessment Dated [3 August July 2017]. Accessible through the FOIA library (The Vault) on the FBI's public website. Has an obvious signature from a "Special Agent Timothy" (out of respect I'm not listing his surname) and tothe right side of the name is a date of 8/18/2017 located directly under the words FBI INTERNAL USE ONLY – DO NOT DISSEMINATE EXTERNALLY.

    To be blunt; the dates don't add up and this is a very sloppy cover up attempt to hide the true and evident nature of such assessment. The August 18th 2017 date and signature corroborates with the accounts in my statement of events that occurred in Spokane, WA on the day of August 18th 2017 that has plagued my life since then. Resulting in extremely high levels of stress, a foreclosure, extreme targeting, brain damage and unknown bodily harm, loss of credibility and a loss of income due to being blacklisted by employers in my field of work/ personal business. When the Kleeper Dwight Mostrom of the KKK told me he wanted to rape my daughters. Night Hawk Brian Adams of the KKK poisoned me with tranquilizers and placed nanobots in my water jug while I was working inside the machine and he asked to borrow my cellphone which he hacked. He than toldme, “we will see what you see and hear what you hear and we'll know what your thinking.” With a little research I came across Nelson Bradley in Zurich, Switzerland who's team of scientists developed these nanobots the size of a grain of Metamucil gold in color. I measured the device at around 0.5mm with digital calipers. These nanobot implants are a D.O.D. black budget secret project and were given to Brian Adams by Dwight Mostrom. Then the Kleeper Dwight Mostrom of the KKK threatened me with false imprisonment and defamation of character using his own words saying, "I have a friend in the FBI and friends in the NSA." Which is a direct violation of 18 U.S.C. §1519 Whoever knowingly alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals, covers up, falsifies, or makes a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the investigation or proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States or any case filed under title 11, or in relation to or contemplation of any such matter or case, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.


  7. FFS this is proof we need a world war. These morons have to much free time and bring nothing but ignorance to the table. SMH how about we round you all up and ship you to North Korea or China or Russia? See how much you bitch then. You want to get rid of surveillance? Then why don’t you do on behalf of all the people in America you racist bigoted fks. Segregating your damn selves.

  8. The Nazi war criminals integrated into American agencies by Allen Dulles of the CIA after WWII have obviously been put to use by their counterparts here in the America. The FBI has always been our American – Gestapo.

  9. They are targeting and arresting me affiliated with the same ppl..both AND torturing through false doctored accusations and no one will save me being trapped in a state against my will and disabled sick and homeless…it can and will happen and does to anyone..the Fb….huge headquarters right here..under surviellence 24/7
    Pray for me and my service dog..she has been locked up 10x more than me!!



  12. Cointelpro going on right now fbi van located everyday on 115 ave between 228 and 226 street with stingray technology inside and giving the neighbors Morris Linda Tonya Johnson , Phillip & Krista Howard , Elsie Czayowsky the ok to attack my home with Directed energy weapons . Along with Corrupt 105 th & 113 th precincts .. Hallen contruction had opened the sidewalk in front of my house and has continued to do terrorism underground using electrical and power lines on April 16, 2020 Hallen returned again and opened another hole in the street of 115 th ave and continues with their underground activities trying to illegally drive me out of my home . Lockheed Martin dropping poisons onto my roof & windows Lockheed Martin dropping poisons onto my roof & windows stalker caught in the act . foreigners recruited to help organize the illegal gps tracking of my car part 1 foreigners recruited to help organize the illegal gps tacking of my car , harassment, part 2 Hoodlums breaking into my car part 1 Hoodlums breaking into my car part 2 street theatre subliminal message to move .. satellite, drones , day and night satellite drones one after the other satellite, drones , Howard

  13. Spain, Ferrol stalking group continued years 2020. I am looking for related judicial decisions on these events in various countries of the world as well as treaties against humanity in the prevention of torture. I suspect that this or techniques based on it are being applied in Spain. I affected by organized group harassment Ferrol, Galicia, Spain. Naval, religious bases linked as opus dei. In my channel you have videos and in the description of these, my blog in case someone wants to send data that could be used for a later complaint, for crimes against humanity, of course outside of Spain. They are refusing to take complaints and are .They dedicate themselves to silencing those affected. I understand that entire countries were condemned for violating international agreements, where it is collected and agreed not to commit these acts, against the civilian population. So all documentation on treaties, trials, open processes, I would be eternally grateful Blessings

  14. Sadly, Cointelpro tactics still linger today. Worse is their tactics have gone high tech and includes DEW (Direct Energy Weapons, etc. Havana Syndrome Survivors). There is only one way to cure the ills of this evil practice… "DEFUND THE FBI". Not for political expediency but to make society safe and free of torture courtesy of the federal government.

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