September 22, 2023
COINTELPRO 2? FBI Targets “Black Identity Extremists” Despite Surge in White Supremacist Violence

43 thoughts on “COINTELPRO 2? FBI Targets “Black Identity Extremists” Despite Surge in White Supremacist Violence

  1. This is irresponsible, ideological "reporting". I'm disappointed. Why juxtapose this report with white supremacists and Charlottesville? Are you implying that the FBI is not addressing white supremacists? Would you like to state that? Or just imply it? Who is the guest? Is she an expert in the FBI's intelligence community? What are her qualifications to help us understand this leaked report from the FBI? She admits at the beginning of interview that she has no idea what the report is about. Why was she chosen to "illuminate" this topic?

    Your "reporting" did nothing to explain the FBI's report but simply pushed BLM's narrative and deepened the divide between law enforcement and the black community. I'm deeply disappointed in what I used to trust as an outlet reporting facts.

  2. When I listen to you Malkia I appoint you to FBI Director, got to reset a mess & goals and build my dream team of transparent Heart steering truth matters morals, she should also be considered a deputy CIA open dialogues on round tables balanced

  3. White supremacists rally in the streets armed and you want to surveillance black peoples. What they really want is to interrupt and intimidate pro-black movements which are on the increase, taking pro-black to mean anti-white/anti-government which is not exactly true. Peoples choosing to move toward solidarity and self-suffiency and away from circumstances of abuse and disrespect while establishing a true power base and internal unity. This government has a record of attacking any semblance of authentic "black power" of any kind and have been overwhelmingly successful. COINTELPRO has historically assaulted all black unity movements. Basically the fear is the establishment of a black statehood simular to what the Jews have established which is entirely possible, simply starting with blacks spending more wisely with monies circulation within our own communities. Us spending with people who don't respect or care for us is foolish, many are becoming aware of this mistake. Thuggish behavior is what they continue to intend.

  4. What about Russia and the Clinton Foundation and selling 20% of the US uranium supply to Russia? If Russia is such a threat then why is the Russian funneling of money through a shell company to the Clinton Foundation (145 million dollars donated by Canadian mining interests prior to Clinton and OBama selling the Uranium to Russia) FBI covered it up… is this democracy or communist propaganda?

  5. The truth is the fbi has had BlaX in their crosshairs since the sabotage of the Garvey movement witch was the biggest and strongest BlaX movement in western history.

    They will continue to target us, long as we refuse to seek SOVERIEGNTY and recognition as a nation living in exile. There will be an ANSWER!! The Masters judgement will be grave!!

  6. Black people should also be asking why the FBI won't investigate how Hillary Clinton sold tons of Uranium to the Russians while accepting millions of dollars in bribes. But they won't…. they'll keep voting Democrat while they're culture sinks into bankruptcy and senseless tribal violence, year after year. Black Americans… you've got bigger problems than the FBI.


  8. its a good thing you folks aren't aware of the white people club, where every single person thats white meets up at 4am so we can discuss how to be more racist the next day.

  9. yes, the people with top secret access to info doesn't know as much as some "journalist" hacks who know nothing about law enforcement.

  10. White protestant males in the FBI…aka the Federal Political Police…Inventing terms of suppression to demonize the upliftment of our people….we have agents out to kill us….we cant fall for the oke doke …we are strong don't let The extremists tag blind us to the real terrorist sitting in the white house…..Donal Trump.

  11. I AM NOT A THREAT NOR AM I A BLACK IDENTIFY EXTREMIST! What is that anyway! Since BIRTH, I was shown what would happen to me! I am GANG STALKED daily! Everywhere I go I have people following me! They have recently fired me, prevented me from getting vital healthcare, ruined my finances and top of that after many years of working , they are denying me unemployment. Cops, USPS, City and Government Officials and others in power are in on it and does not give a damn! This is your fight America! Not mine! Putting me on a list and ruining my life will not stop the judgement you are about to endure!

  12. FBI founded byt eh transvestie J EDna Hoover, NOtorious Rascist. It should come a zero Surprise that they cover for the KKK whilst hunting Bakc people who stand up for themsleves and painting them as Extremists, basically the White community want to continue to hunt black people for sport, yet are opposed to black people defending themsleves ?… perhaps fighting the domestic black population is easier than invading China. ? I guess the Usa esablishment is worried that everybody they messed with, collborating and delivering Blowback Against the USA Establsihment. ?.. it might be a good time to look up the definition of BLOWBACK.

  13. America is like Russia & China, it's a police state. It just happened to be on the right side of economy – capitalism -, but government is otherwise, corrupt, and engage in oppressing it's citizens.

  14. Imagine being surveillanced by a sexual predator/ pedafile. This type of corruption is going on in America and will only get worse if ignored. How can you hire or allow surveillance’s who do not have a code of ethics and are not watched closely to ensure they do their job with INTEGRITY! The government is not doing their job to keep us safe and it is disgusting!

  15. I don’t feel bad I bet these are the same people that’s online bragging about wanting shoot police officers and whytee people. It’s about time FBI put them on the watch list. I’ve seen death threats coming from these blazck extremists saying how they want to kill whytees and their families. Hope fbi is keeping tabs on them too. The Racsim coming from blacccs is getting way out of hand some make terroristic threats online. And they post their hate filled views online makinf it easy for the fbi to collect evidence against them.

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