September 16, 2023
COINTELPRO 2020: How the FBI continues to disrupt the fight for racial justice

In the past two years, a series of documents came to light that exposed how the FBI had created a discriminatory and bogus “Black …


44 thoughts on “COINTELPRO 2020: How the FBI continues to disrupt the fight for racial justice

  1. I love all of you brave men and woman in this meeting. You guys are brave and have my admiration and gratitude for using your intelligence and education for the greater good and i know you may not hear that very much but i as a father know that it is people like you who deserve the credit for preparing a better future for my children💗❤❤thank you from the bottom of my heart thank you!

  2. The FBI held onto Hunter Biden’s laptop which had porn and everyone in the world knows about it. The FBI is a failed institution riddled with criminality under the failed leadership of Wrey. 12 agents to Bubba Wallace’s garage for a rope. How pathetic it is when they cannot even stop Copper satanists from killing children.

  3. Help me please they been targeting me over 5 years using chemicals exposure, torture technology, moved criminals on .y road, death threats, black balled me help in Birmingham Alabama

  4. Our family, but very killer on me, we are targeted by this agency, and it is worse each year. This follows us for being Indigenous. I know no amount of money, or anything can repay all our injuries, gaslighting, and era of zero family life. These are worse than serial killers and monsters. It has no point at all. This is only persons experiencing hate for other projects.

  5. Yes it's the FBI fighting racial justice… not BLM that burnt down communities, looted and continue to loot stores, attacked citizens and LEOs, and killed children under their name in CHAZ and Atlanta. None of that, just mean old FBI.

  6. Another way to be subjected to cointelpro is to be erroneously nominated for inclusion in the terrorist screening database. How is this possible, you ask?

    A person can be included in the terrorist screening database for "particularized derogatory" speech about America. Not necessarily that the individual in question is involved with terrorism. Read through the leaked Snowden docs & you will see.

    If the intelligence community destroys a person whom was not involved with terrorism, they just label them a "false positive" & consider them collateral damage. It is the perfect pretext for the right wing extremist intelligence community to destroy all their political-ideological opponents.


  8. 05:50 FBI National Security Branch/Counterterrorism Division's new Black Identity Extremist category.

    Also see:

    (FP) The FBI’s New U.S. Terrorist Threat: ‘Black Identity Extremists’

    Law enforcement calls it a violent movement. Critics call it racist.

    By Jana Winter and Sharon Weinberger

    (THE ROOT) How Come No One in the Justice Department Can Explain the ‘Black Identity Extremists’ Report to Rep. Karen Bass?

    Stephen A. Crockett Jr.

    12/13/17 3:48pm

    33:28 TYT…?

  9. Thank you for hosting this event and addressing a problem that is a massive up here in Canada. The goal is to get you in front of a psychiatrist who will usually misdiagnose you with schizophrenia. Kind of like Shutter Island, only instead of medically-trained empaths guiding you towards freedom from self-enslavement, police try to have you committed.

  10. I have been assaulted by the local police multiple times and assaulted in the sanctaty of my home by the government all my life, they are torturing me and experimenting on me with clandestine technologies.

  11. *The FBI perpetuates the idea of racism and feeds into the perception "black suppression" and "white oppression" to divide and disrupt the public to instigate the Kalergi plan which is meant to usher in the NWO, which is the ultimate goal if Zionism. It utilizes the Obama administration's legislation, the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, which allows the federal government and its agencies to perpetrate false flags and to utilize the mass media to distribute false news/narratives/propaganda on the American people that is typically conducted for the purpose of psychological warfare on foreign nations during times of conflict. It has been directly involved in perpetrating hoaxes such as the staged death of George Floyd, Trayvon Martin, etc. to instigate protests and riots to pit Americans against one another based on political ideology and race. It is also involved in trafficking illegal drugs throughout the country to profit off of the trade and to feed a never-ending surplus of victims to the prison industrial complex. The FBI is one of the biggest enemies against all Americans, black, white, purple, or whatever. This whole panel's purpose is only part of the FBI's agenda to keep us divided by race. Don't be fooled by it.

  12. The crux of these police operations is to let the target (abolitionist, dissident, drug dealer, predator, terrorist), know that they are under surveillance while avoiding charges for criminal harassment and stalking. In extreme cases, individuals undergo major medical issues like psychosis, which is taken into account should they decide to come forward over these harassment campaigns.

  13. Cointelpro targeted both individuals – Malcolm & MLK. It targeted and eliminated also Commander Lincoln Rockwell of the American Nazi Party and ofcourse the leaders of the Black Panther Party. Counter Intelligence Program means: infiltrating already existing groups or/and setting up groups that are funded by the gov.
    Cointelpro is a dept. of Division 5 of FBI.
    Division 5, FBI is a key link in a network run by Special Operations Executive, British Intelligence, London, which also originated the OSS (the OSS was the forerunner of the CIA). Policy is done by the Rothshilds and executed by a network of international banking espionage groups: Those are Chinese Triads (book reference: The Hung Society by Ward & Sterling) – The Mafia (book reference: The Red Mafia by Friedman///The jewish Mafia by Carlos Porter) – The Red Brigades and Mossad.
    This gov. set up didn't allow a black group to be independent. So, there are no independent black groups who are televised and are not fronts.
    Malcolm joined the Nation of Islam.
    He didn't know that the Nation was founded by a FBI agent with the name of: Fard Mohammed. He was a Pakistani freemason and received his directives from a masonic lodge.
    According to the set up the Nation had, it also had lodges. As it was freemasonic it had to be secret. Freemasonry is anti black. Elijah Mohammed replaced Mr. Fard Mohammed. Elijah was a 33rd degree freemason. Elijah Mohammed's directives originated from the FBI.
    FBI: The FBI oversaw Cointelpro. It's director J. Edgar Hoover was successful in sabotaging Marcus Garvey. He managed successfully to take care of the black groups, the American Nazi Party of Rockwell and the Ku Klux Klan.
    MLK and the Christian Leadership Conference:
    MLK's advisor and personal secretary: Bayard Rustin (chosenite):
    Mr. Rustin joined the Young Communist League in 1936 at New York College.
    He went to jail for draft dodging for 2 years in 1944.
    He went again to jail for 60 days for lawd vagrancy and homosexual perversion. B. Rustin and MLK founded the SCLC = Southern Christian Leadership Conference.
    Vice President was Fred Shuttlesworth (black). He also was vice President of communist front called: Southern Educational Fund (financed and founded by the tribe).
    SEF's Field Director was: "Carl Braden" (Alien) was a national sponsor for the "FAIR PLAY FOR CUBA COMMITTEE". Fair Play For Cuba (a front group financed by the magic noses) later joined an individual with the name of: Lee Harvey Oswald. Lee Harvey was in the Marines as he became a member of the Fair Play For Cuba Committee. Hired by the CIA he engaged in spy activity until his death.This Committee was a gov. front like SCLC had been one. He was also earlier an agent of the Naval Office of Intelligence and had been an agent of the Bureau.
    Program director for SCLC was Reverend Andrew Young (black) later Jimmy Carter's Ambassador to the U.N. and mayor of Atlanta. Jimmy Carter was a chosenite and a Mason as Mr. Young was a Mason.
    Books concerning this subject matter:
    Terrorism & Illuminati: A 3000 Year History by David Livingston.—
    Fruits of Anthroposophy by George Kaufmann.—
    History of Gnosticism by J. Matter.—
    History of Jacobinism by Playfair.—
    Reflection on the Puritan Revolution by A.L. Rouse.—
    History of Freemasonry by Clavel.—
    Jonestown CIA Medical Experiments by Mikel Meyers.—
    Freemasonry and the Anti Christian Movement by Reverend Cahill.—
    AA-1025 Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration into the Church by Marie Carre.—
    The Plot Against The Church by Maurice Pinay.—
    History of Freemasonry by Gould.—
    The Arcane Schools by John Yarker.—
    School of Darkness by Bella V. Dodd.—
    Wolves Within by Pope Saint Pius X.—
    The Secret Powers Behind Revolution's by Leon de Poncins.—
    Roman Eagles Over Ethiopia by Del Valle.—
    Israels Sacred Terrorism by Moshe Sharett.–
    Despatches From The Wellesly Battlefront by Professor Toni Martin.—
    Youtube: Operation Popeye.

  14. The Surreptitious Reincarnation of Cointelpro with the Cops Gang-Stalking Programs In The FBI iN The City Of Columbus Ohio Tampering With Citizens Federal Government Records Invading People's Personal Privacy Medical Records To People's Friends Phone Contacts Online Social Media To Email Addresses, City Of Columbus Ohio Will Invade People's Sexual Life's They'll Go Into Medical History And Will explore Your Business Around Town, Columbus Ohio Is Also Committed In Sexual Harassment in The Near East Main Street AC-C Kathleen Dallas Bailey Privacy Owner Sexual For a Copy of The House Key's To The Tenants Home, Street Harassment On Chatterly Ln Columbus Ohio 43207 Ohio Criminals Actions Vehicles Accidentally Running Into Car's Behavior Of Columbus Ohio Illegal Actions, Bank Account Thefts, Breaking in Entering Homes Dogs Has Been Poison, Mail Carrier Tampering with federal Government Record Social Security Administration Office, Errors Birth Certificate Damages From The Health Department, Sexual Activities In Our Community Residents, Mechanic Tampering with Car's, Vehicles Blocking Sidewalk Blocking Children's From Crossing The sidewalks, illegal Housing Discriminations From Ms, Bailey Saying Homes Wasn't Available For Rent Instead For Sale, Columbus Ohio Allows This women To Go Around Stalking Families And Friends, Telling People's To Say Inappropriate Sexual Word's If Not Abortion Or Eviction. Stand Up Against The Statehouse Sexual Violence In Columbus Ohio

  15. “And other left ideology” STOP with this black n white shit. Yes. Give examples of this happening. BUT THEY WILL DO THIS TO ANYONE. WHO DOES NOT FALL UNDER THEIR IDEOLOGY. I feel like making it a black issue. Is creating more separation. I THINK. CUT THE SOURCE AT THE HEAD AND ADDRESS ALL OF IT. Check Edward Snowden and Julian assage. Folks this ain’t your white neighbor giving you dirty looks. These are the people running the god damn country. Do not let them make you continue their agendas for them. Stay on track.

  16. I am currently a victim. I am being denied all rights and due process. My children are brown and I am active and speaking out against racial injustice and crimes against women and children. I’m alive because I’m chosen. Not just by the government.
    Dozens of crimes committed against me and that I have knowledge of, without any access to the justice system or a normal life. They’ve taken everything and everyone. My child was kidnapped and is being abused. I was tormented and brutalized. For what I know.
    CoIntelPro is ACTIVE.

  17. Lyndon Johnson knew about Cointelpro. He voted against every single civil rights bill prior to signing civil rights. He realized people like MLK and Malcom x were getting to powerful and said “we are going to have to give them something soon”. He was racist as well. Why do you think cointelpro started at the same time civil rights did. While pretending to be for civil rights they were actively working against them.

  18. Oh shit! I thought it was the CIA That Cointel pro was a part of! I thought it was them that waterboarded jimi hendrix with red wine til his lungs were found to be completely full of it at the time of his death! Don't hear that story much do ya!?

  19. This was a great discussion. I learned a lot. I was aware of much of what the FBI has been doing, but there were things I was unaware of.

  20. 40:38 Disseminating watchlist and FBI file information to local businesses for harassment by business onwers and store attendants.

    "I was lucky enough to see the file that was kept on me. Thousands of documents. And over the course of a few years, the threat assessment would show, like how they'd watch me like three times a day. Every day they'd had to report. They had them, they called Joint Intelligence Briefings , or JIBs . And they not only disseminated these through law enforcement.

    40:58 They were disseminating these to businesses : Autozone, Pit High, Fred Smith or Fedex, Shelby County School Systems, St Jude Hospital . They was disseminating these to businesses. Which shows a whole other side, where they can't be held accountable in the way that we can hold MPD and law enforcement accountable.

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