September 18, 2023

(Counter Intelligence Program) was a program of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation aimed at …


11 thoughts on “Cointelpro

  1. Well I see the gov't factions are up to their tricks again. Why are they set on controlling the people? This crap has to stop. They are simply afraid of us. It's time to stand up and come against these people. If we don't stand up for our own rights and freedoms, who will?

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  3. Is this same narrator of the video of "Monarch: The New Phoenix program" and "project MK-Ultra." Does anybody know? I wonder if there are all of his videos in one place on a channel or something.

  4. Classic disinformation. I'm not going to deny it about 85% of it is true. But than we get this bogus story about COINTELPRO using radiation waves to kill people…This is what is referred to in the Intelligence Community as "poisoning the well."

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