September 16, 2023
COINTELPRO: All the Sins of the FBI

49 thoughts on “COINTELPRO: All the Sins of the FBI

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  2. All strike breaking /labor movements/ and red scares since always……state (created by and for the ruling class) uses the violent, prison backed coercion and sends provocateurs and other armed men of the state to repress them.

  3. Richard may just be the best we got right now. Thank you for standing with black folks and all humans my brother.

    ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Police just a weapon of state control .Many incidents like this in the north of Ireland especially with the British Shoot to kill policy of unarmed persons .thank you Richard for your posts .

  5. Judas and the Black Messiah was a good movie to put out in the sense that it brought attention to Fred Hampton and his assassination (by the FBI) .. and was assisted by the widowed mother of his son for accuracy, although there were many things the don't share the full extent the government targeted him. Such an important and tragic event can never by conveyed fully nearly 50 years later

  6. Hi Richard… FYI, this is the first time I have been to your channel in 2 months, or more I think… Why? You no longer pop up in suggestions for me… Now I know why.. you are talking about their dirty truths that most people have never heard about… keep it up and be safe… Oh, and on this same tip of CoinTel Pro.. watch the movie, "Steal This Movie" based on the book, "Steal This Book." Same BS methods of infiltration shown.. long ago.. yeah.. dirty bastards these intel groups have been… let's see how this all unfolds.. love to you and yours… AV

  7. Malcolm and Huey were not in RAM. Max Stamford was inspired by Malcolm
    to organize RAM. And RAM was active alongside the Panther party but it was a different group. Partially formed because Max had some
    Issues with the Panthers.

  8. good video, one correction on the last part it was Fred Hampton not Huey Newton that was murdered by the fbi. 17-18 year old William Oneal charged with auto theft was recruited to infiltrate the panthers in exchange for his charges to be dropped; making him give a layout of Hamptons apartment and drugging him. Oneal later committed suicide. 90 shots were fired by police, while the only discharge from the Panthers was from the dropped shotgun of security who had been killed. The worst crime Fred Hampton committed was stealing icecream which he then gave to children, while he committed his life to fighting inequality. forming alliances with other political and social advocacy groups, political education and community orginization.

  9. Go ahead and say it Richard, Martin Luther King was actually murdered by the FBI "U.S. government" and this is fact. The U.S. government was sued and found culpable for the murder of Martin Luther King, Jr., but the news media refused to report it.

  10. The FBI and the CIA have been evil and corrupt from the start. They just had a lot of good PR over the years to make them look like the "good guys". I am sure a lot of organizations are like this, the rot starts at the top!

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