September 21, 2023
COINTELPRO and Dr Karenga

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You cant tell ANY story about the Black Panthers or MLK or Blacks in the 60s in general for that matter without talking about the and their roles. Reading up on lead me down the tapped rabbit hole

This is just a collection of extra notes/pictures and info that branched off from



32 thoughts on “COINTELPRO and Dr Karenga

  1. For anyone that is curious "Counter Intelligence Program" is what cointelpro is short for. I'll never know all they are involved in but I read up on the program a while back, it's something to look into..Let's Go HWNC!

  2. J Edgar Hoover was a gay BLACK man passing for white he hated the fact he was black and gay to hide that fact he tried to destroy every black organized party. The mafia knew his secret so he never messed with them for fear of being outed

  3. Man, there were So Many agents back then JUST like today!
    I had a heated verbal confrontation with Karenga's dude Hakim Jamal in summer of 1971. It was apparent that, something was wrong with him then. Seeing the Damn Wiki, I now understand, having seen & looked into the various associated chaos Agents like, his Portuguese dude Michael X !
    🔥"Jamal was romantically involved with several High-Profile [ White ] women , notably Jean SebergDiana Athill and [Trinidadian] Gale Benson." {all foreigners}.
    Corny West also has a Long list of foreign Non-Black women in his life.

  4. Each one reach one teach one, n make sure we warn our children to beware of the system and why. Ain't nothing changed. The same symbols are still on the back of the dollar bill that have always been there. Think n research …. Marsha.

  5. I was told by a former professor that there were strong intentions of Bunchie Carter and Fred Hampton taking over the National Reigns of the Black Panther Party. From my understanding this would've happen upon Bobby Seale and Huey Newton were either going to jail or them going underground. I don't recall the exact reason. And ok, if Karenga wasn't a plant, what about the story of him allegedly abusing some sistahs? I'll lastly say this, a classmate asked Dr. Conrad Worrill (he's in this video), "why we can't stick together?" Doc. Worrill calmly stated, "because, we'll sell each other out for a $.5." I'm slightly paraphrasing his words. Yet and still, selling each other out has continuously happened throughout the ages, unfortunately

  6. These documentaries are serious exposing the demonic world of the gov't .more brothers/sisters need to give this brother here his props and also spread the word of the great work that this good brother does.

  7. The real enemy is WSR_RACE SOLDIERS, succeeded goal of Cointelpro was/ is to neutralize Any black leadership,.Alpha males were Culled out.Dr.Karenga was imprisoned..Watchout for the use of '' ""Snitch Jackets" as a Cointelpro tactic..he speaks abt his history. .BBP alumni need to resolve this people are the losers in this / over 45+ years old.. the players are dead or still in jail,however, Karenga is not a witness against any living Political prisoners. dig!.

  8. I can't believe I live in a world that talks about citizens being killed by their government like it's normal. People being killed by their government, in a democracy especially, is a crime. How do we as a people accept that? Why aren't we putting the Feds in check? What kind of government are we living in where citizens can be stalked and assassinated? Are the Feds and these law enforcement agencies above the law? What it boils down to, if you people can't see it, is that we have a sanctioned white supremacy order at the head of our government! We're still on the plantation trying to run and being gunned down! When is America and freedom going to wake up? We have licensed killers keeping the masses in check, that's sanctioned by the state! We have to correct that in order to be free from oppression, to be a real democracy, to be free!

  9. Love your channel bro but disagree with you on this one again.Karenga IS an AGENT and obviously at some point Geronimo flipped(or had also been an Agent all along)

  10. Thank you for doing this video. I really appreciate ❤ will you do more videos about the Black Panthers on your channel❓Whenever you get around to it, thanks 😊.

  11. Cointelpro was also involved in sabotaging the Chicano movement in cities like Denver and L.A. In Denver where I'm from the FBI was behind bombings of Chicano Movement offices and head quarters.

  12. The two guys who shot the Panthers were Karenga's men, when detained by the FBI they were given protection, given clearance out of the country and new identities, ask yourself the question how is it Karenga receives a 10 year prison sentence as a felon, he comes out of jail doing 4 years and then becomes a professor, he's a felon, how does that work, unless the FBI pulled certain strings, it has been stated for years the FBI gave black folks Kwanzaa and Karenga sold black folks a lie about it been African, he stated later in a magazine that " "Kwanzaa is not African, it's African American made up by him to give black folk something, because black folks like to party " there are too many things that don't sit right with this and requires further investigation, the way I see it black folks are celebrating a bitch ass LIE 🔊

  13. Call it what you want. Stop and frisk, Driving while Black, just freaking being black in the USA, it’s a policy that’s always been on the black man’s(sister’s) back since we were brought here. Don’t get it twisted

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