September 29, 2023
COINTELPRO and FBI Assassinations

7 thoughts on “COINTELPRO and FBI Assassinations

  1. Political assassinations are seldom planned without the explanation of what happened long before the event takes place and from what I have researched over the years from JFK all the way to 911 and then some. A few of the whale manure who helped plan JFK's murder are still in power positions and carefully planning and scheming and awaiting extradition to that oh so special hell where Satan won't be there to worship them BACK. ABSOLUTE EVIL CORRUPTS ABSOLUTELY

  2. Today is the anniversary of the joint

    FBI-Chicago Police Department operation

    to assassinate Fred Hampton.

    Who was Fred Hampton?

    A charismatic young leader who

    was very effective at bringing young

    and old, black and white, middle

    class and poor together in opposition

    to a corrupt city and national government.

    J. Edgar Hoover, when he wasn't cavorting

    with organized crime figures, was of the

    opinion that the country would be better

    off without people like Hampton

  3. As usual, the FBI committed an act that exacerbated the problem they perceived. And here's food for thought: What if Fred Hampton, with his messages of cooperation and his ability to relate to all people and gain cooperation of so many? Could he have ushered in peace, understanding and cooperation in place of the strife and division we have today? Was he truly The Messiah come again – and the FBI murdered him?

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