September 22, 2023
COINTELPRO And Modern Anti-Communism

49 thoughts on “COINTELPRO And Modern Anti-Communism

  1. Non-governmental organizations also make sock puppet accounts posing as leftists, screen cap that sock puppet account saying something cringy and then spread it on social media websites where their fans or uncritical individuals share it for the clicks. 4chan started this but with the attention economy, algor-rythms and right-wing grifters the entire thing has evolved to be self-sustaining and self-incentivizing.


    For just a taste of what they robbed us of when they assassinated Fred Hampton. If you're like me and don't fw links that randos post search "Fred Hampton Political Prisoner" then peep "Fred Hampton People's History" and "Fred Hampton Jail a Revolutionary" on YT.

    Or search search "Ryan Harvey COINTELPRO". He's an amazing anarchist artist that speaks on everything, war, imperialism, capitalism, the future, name it. Love dude and his music.

    Yep, it hits all leftists but it hits communities of color significantly harder cause they don't want us in tune with reality and organized. Especially when it's focused on uniting across the imaginary lines of the arbitrary concept of "race".

    They tolerated him enough to let Malcolm be who he was for a while because he terrified "white" people, was divisive in the "black" community and was watched so closely he couldn't have done much anyway. But he comes back from his Hajj a new human and is interested in unifying people of all skin tones and features from anywhere across the globe and he gets dead real quick. Martin is preferable cause at least he's not talking "by any means necessary" but then he goes in on class and we just can't have that. While I don't buy that the CIA assassinated them or any other that conspiracy bs, we do have enough evidence to point at their being some level of involvement be it passing info or not acting on credible threats. Hell, look at how Bobby Hutton, Fred Hampton and so many others were done or hell, just grow up on a block like the ones I came up on like so many others watching feds run off with the community, cops picking their scraps and beating the rest if us, and even the conspiracy theories sound quite reasonable.

    I disagreed with a few of Fred's prescriptions and I'm much more in line with the former Panthers turned anarchists like brother Ashanti Alston, but Fred played a huge role in my life. I grew up around quite a few NY Panthers and other Black Power activists and remember seeing the "I am a revolutionary" speech as a kid and the way it made me feel, and still does. If it weren't for Fred I'm not sure I'd have been so open to the anarchist squatter punks in my section that put me in tune with anarchism, Marx and mad others as well as the music. All shit that did not fly in my hood lol Not like I wasn't used to it but still ๐Ÿ˜‚ I still routinely watch that speech and repeat after Fred: "I am a revolutionary. I am proletarian. I am the people, I am not the pig!". Makes the worst days a little better and keeps my mind right.


  3. Bare witness to the sickest shot while suckers get romantic

    They ain't gonna send us campin' like they did my man Fred Hampton

    Still we lampin', still clockin' dirt for our sweat

    A ballot's dead, so a bullet's what I get

    A thousand years they had the tools, we should be takin' 'em

    Fuck the G-ride, I want the machines that are makin' em!

    "Down Rodeo" – Rage Against The Machine.

  4. Being white, they keep us in the dark and feed us sh*t, while minorities know damn good n well what's been done to them. I first learned about COINTELPRO and the Panthers when I got into Tupac back in the day (I'm old). I think we have every reason to be suspicious. Although they don't even need to have done the harassment of ContraPoints personally, just sow some discord among her audience and wait for it to boil. The lack of solidarity among the left – isn't one of out slogans "solidarity" – makes us ripe for the picking.

  5. Cointelpro and McCarthyism together used every possible chance to drum up fear in America over anything that was contrary to the agenda of the elites. Healthcare? Communism. Integration? Communism. Labor rights? Communism. Anti-war? Communism. Hippies? Communism. Drugs (any kind not sold by big pharma)? Communism. Small Farmers? Communism. Co-ops? Communism. If they wanted war, the opposition were Communists. If people wanted racial Justice, they were Communists. Any musician that was a dissident was a communist. This has severely damaged the fabric of the United States and the rest of the world.

  6. Due to Cointel-pro, Americans don't seem to know what it is…… hundreds of hours of hearings and releases of documents and tv, documentary and other coverage but so much creepy manipulation seems to have literally erased and/or reversed (creepiest aspect of all) everything Americans had learned and discovered. Drives me nuts!

  7. Help overload the automated monitoring systems by copying and pasting the following in your communication:

    ย crypto-anarchy, SGI, SUN, MCI, Blacknet, Middleman, KLM, Blackbird, plutonium, SEMTEX, Texas, jihad, SDI, Uzi, Fort Meade, anthrax, supercomputer, IRA, bomb, bullion, Blackmednet, 5G, Propaganda, ABC, Satphones, Planet-1, cryptanalysis, nuclear, FBI, Sarin,ย  Panama, NKVD, fissionable, Sears Tower, NORAD, Delta Force, SEAL, Dolch. secure shell, false flag.

    This is partly a found list, but I threw in a few of my own, please pass it on.

    …And have an MK-ultra good day… ๐Ÿค”

  8. You really are a very impressive Breadtuber, comrade. I've talked about COINTELPRO often, although it seems largely ignored by many comrades. It's even easier for them now than it was back in the Cold War era, especially the 60's and 70's. Back then much of it took deep infiltration into groups. Then they had to sneak back information to their leaders in DC. I'm sure that still happens, but for the most part, now they can just sit at a desk at their headquarters or even at home and type away on social media. Anything to keep us separate and induce inner fighting.

  9. Operation Gladio is also a very interesting anticommunist operation in the cold war European theatre. From far right goverments training special mountaineers to creating fake weapon caches with Eastern European equipment to construct fake accusations if a Socialist organisation got too much power.

  10. if people are aware of this they should probably adapt to it. I'm kind of sick of people using leaderless movements with vague objectives and then acting surprised when it blows up in their faces because the bad apples are given a spotlight.
    There is a dire lack of clear limited-scope goal-oriented activism which could actually bring results.
    says the dude typing on the internet.

  11. I appreciate particularly the clear spectrum demonstrated here from formal, governmental action against leftist groups through support for non-government actors to just being so much softer on right-wing hate groups than left-wing ones (where the left-wing ones are comparatively law-abiding and certainly less dangerous to people).

  12. Always keep a tin-foil hat close by (in your thoughts), this clandestine manipulation is real terrifyingly often.
    Conspiracy theories, much like stereotypes, exist for a reason and are true in at least some cases.
    Black Ops, Deep States, False Flags, Assassinations… etc are everywhere can't turn your back on any goverment/state.

    The constant public group-think shaming of Conspiracy Theorist is worth its own theory.

  13. Aye Aaron (Iโ€™m sorry if thatโ€™s not how you spell your name ;-;), will you ever do a video on Bottom Unity and how if at all possible we could unite the libertarian left and right to fight authoritarian entities in theory?

  14. I once got a visit by the CSIS (the Canadian Security Intelligence Services) for my left-wing Communist beliefs, had quite an interesting conversation. At the end of the conversation, one of them recommended that I read Edmund Burke, which shows you their obvious ideological orientation as part of the state control apparatus. Interestingly enough I had (and still do) a copy of Thomas Paine's refutation of Burke's idiotic and desperate attacks on the great French Revolution, but we didn't talk about it too much since we were arguing about the ethics and morality of revolution, violence, force, history (particularly the Spanish Civil War), and the Canadian state. Their very alert, the laptop was on and the agent had told my brother to take it upstairs (taking all the "security" precautions for their mission), and he was sort of constantly looking around and inspecting everything. The CSIS is a criminal organization with an ugly history, but there's a lot you can learn from them and use it for our own ends. That's in fact how they themselves hone in on their work, they learn from others even leftists, in fact that's how the modern Right has made so much victories, they learned some tactics that the left pioneered, even some – albiet orwellianized – leftist language (like the Five Star Movement in Italy). Even the Nazis learned how to conduct political struggle and use tactics from Marxists who struggled against Bismarck's anti-socialist laws. You have to use what is useful and discard what isn't, and learn as to why it is or isn't useful, it's analogous to how the body functions in terms of nutrition, absorb whats useful discard the waste. Know your enemy, learn from them and be smart about how you conduct the struggle (otherwise you won't just get a mere visit from the enemy).

  15. Unpopular opinion: flat earth is a cointelpro to muddy the waters of credibility of those who think outside the box. Those who are critical enough to even question the authority figures saying the earth are round are manipulated and used like pawns to descredit any other valid critques they may hold. (I.e. spreading disinformation to those who are critical of society and therefor making them, and their valid critiques of society, look less credible).

    They have taken the apaethetic distrust in m.s.m. and spun that skepticism to their favor in many ways.

    Its also a way to divert attention from other realworld probable conspiracies.

    It also creates division.

    So yeh. Dont fall for it and dont waste time talking about it.

  16. Part of me wants to suggest that Antifa should actually go back to calling themselves Anonymous. They're organised pretty much the same way as Anonymous was back in the day… but the problem with Anonymous is that it got its start on the chans and the chans were taken over by far right /pol/iticians that might have made that label toxic, if unused by those people on the chans… as if Anonymous is fundamentally differnt to the alt-right and /pol/.

  17. Does anyone really believe that Cointelpro ever ended? Maybe the specific organization with that name no longer exists, but we all get stories in the news about the FBI doing similar things to more or less the same groups.

  18. When I was in Occupy there was a lot of serious talk about how the government could be hiring "black bloc" protesters to anonymously incite violence at our protests or to act violently because those were the groups there were always in the pictures on the news smashing windows and those sorts of things when stuff got out of hand.

    I'm not sure if the facts of the matter on that are public knowledge yet but it seemed a remarkably consistent to a lot of us who are paying attention to it at the time.

  19. Yeah, Angie Speaks channel has been incredibly formative for me. Angie's analysis of anarchism and witchcraft is truly mind blowing. Cointelpro is real. Look at the group Never Again. It works in most cities with a "police liaison" and kicks out any folk with an anti police message or sign. It's like they (like most liberals and white people) actually believe the police and the government are designed to keep them safe! They have no understanding of the history of the FBI or even a group like Homeland Security. They worship at the alter of "nonviolent action" and fail to understand the reasoning behind or efficacy of a diversity of tactics.

  20. BLM aren't just being arrested; there was a rash of 'mysterious deaths' of black activsts in Ferguson last year. And when I say, 'mysterious', I mean, 'a guy was found burned to cinders in his car and it was ruled a suicide'.

  21. You are a white and trying to look as a black man. It's your choice and I respect it. However to admire communism, anarchy that brought so much misery and deaths i don't like and don't understands. You didn't live in communist China, USSR or Cuba but so admire communism. Martin Luther King was fighting to equal rights. BLM wants to have more rights that whites, Asians, etc.

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