September 22, 2023

8 thoughts on “#COINTELPRO: Don Freed

  1. WOW right at last minute Freed anticipates Iran-Contra – just about at its height & with Barry Seale about to be eliminated – Freed does not refer to October Surprise, but would have, sounds like.

    Same as the Sylvia Meagher and Harold Weisberg interviews – as the guest speaks, neither knows, the conspiracy is on going, the name perhaps changed, and the offences made to human rights, greater.

    In time this is proved – but because the depth of depravity has been shown to be greater, it's forgotten that each author was validated in their less-grievous accusations

  2. Read "The FBI Targets a New Generation of Black Activists" dated 6/6/20 by Michael German available on the Brennan Center For Justice Website. According to the article Black Lives Matter activists were warned against attending the 2016 Republican national convention. In 2017 the FBI invented a new domestic terrorism program category "Black Identity Extremism movement". In 2018 & 2019 the FBI conducted assessments of this group. The FBI acknowledged using surveillance aircraft in Baltimore & Washington DC at BLM protests. The FBI visited some BLM organizers at their homes or workplaces. They were questioned about social media posts, plans for protests & antifa involvement.

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