September 29, 2023
COINTELPRO F.B.I. INFORMANT Julia Clarice Brown says Martin Luther King was an enemy to the U.S.A

Julia Clarice Brown, a “COINTELPRO” F.B.I. Informant quoted: “Please Don’t Glorify Martin Luther King “COINTELPRO” FBI …


27 thoughts on “COINTELPRO F.B.I. INFORMANT Julia Clarice Brown says Martin Luther King was an enemy to the U.S.A

  1. Who believes that blk women are our queen? They work for the white folks. They celebrate they holidays.they use child support against us wake up blk man they are eve they eant to c u fall n fucc whoever thinks otherwise

  2. Her boss illegally wiretap King Malcolm X sent recordings to his house to force him to do things and she said King was a blackmailer but speak nothing of how many people Hoover blackmail. With his secret files and illegal wiretap. Hypocrite

  3. Martin Luther King’s famous dream speech was written by his Jewish handler Stanley Levinson who was the head of the America Communist Party in the 1950. King was promoted as an agent of racial integration for promotion of racial mixing and destruction of the two Gentile races.

  4. It defies all reason and rational thought that anyone who has family and/or children in this country would want it to become the communist tire fire y'all are pushing for. Even the dark skinned Cuban Americans get that. And before you imbecilic, CPUSA lucifarian, assembly line Marxists come trying to push back on what I'm saying, show me the numbers in the black community with regards to economics, education, and the prison industrial complex that bares any advantageous fruit from voting demokkkrat by default for over 50 years. I'll wait… While you're at it, look up "Stanley Levison."

    PS: How's that jab/booster working out for you huh?🤔

  5. i tell people all the time, they use our women against us to this day. if women could only see they are been use as pawns. thats why our kids gonna have it harder if we dont stand up as men.

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