September 21, 2023
cointelpro gangstalking infragard fbi snitches / subjects following me in gray car and spying

i got partnership crooks of the subjects pull up at location in gray car texas tags hanging out not leaving location.the subjects contact the location saying some negative and stupid they retarded i am a federal agent and this man is fucking monkeys and robbing banks we got to watch him he got a monkey in that room.. the subject walk around location.i leave the location the subjects start following me right away.i was able to spot them 5,miles away in a neighood looking for me.i went back to hotel they didnot show back up in view for as i know they got lost .its a lot of stuff you see on video been going on for years.i didnot make this up look at evidence.i had evidence in kentucky and ft.knox data was deleted.oh he making it up same routine of .all this been done got army lying to cover there ass same thing from mobile pd lying to bad mouth folks to ruin their career and life.i got facts the truth hurts make up all the stuff you want to you all will burn in hell plenty room for you.this is all tricks of cointelpro and gangstalking lies about the victims.lie to folks on youtube everywhere else its facts you explain these folks actions in the videos,i thought so just hush lying..


6 thoughts on “cointelpro gangstalking infragard fbi snitches / subjects following me in gray car and spying

  1. First- Im so sorry you are living w/this undeniable, dismissing, torture and abuse. Second- I believe this may be a complex where you reside. Am I correct? I will explain.

  2. I've been watched and stalked since childhood, but I didn't know anything about gangstalking/organized stalking/vigilante stalking/ community based policing etc until 2016. At first I thought it was just going on in certain states but later I found out this thing is global. People are paid to try to make you be hateful, and to make you be like them….complete psychopaths. I've been on set all throughout my life. Stalked and watched in my home by my own mother and all of my other family members.

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