September 22, 2023
COINTELPRO Is Back and the FBI Responds

COINTELPRO, the FBI Counterintelligence Program from over 50 years ago, is back and bigger than ever. In addition, they have …


3 thoughts on “COINTELPRO Is Back and the FBI Responds

  1. Ha. So much for Congressional oversight, amiright?? What's up with these Stasi clowns, anyhow? Seems to me that Federal intelligence and law enforcement are easily the greatest threats to the Bill of Rights and Constitution, far greater than any foreign threat. They take oaths to uphold the Constitution, then go and systemically violate our rights and then sneer at any attempt to enforce transparency and accountability. When are we going to see John Brennan and Eric Clapper in cuffs and orange for perjuring themselves while under oath? Equality before the law, my ass. These people are proto- fascists.

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