September 22, 2023
COINTELPRO & National Liberation Movements | Unmasking Imperialism Ep. 72

Exposing , the U.S. “Counter Intelligence Program” carried out from 1956 to 1971. During today’s episode, we …


13 thoughts on “COINTELPRO & National Liberation Movements | Unmasking Imperialism Ep. 72

  1. Love that the Unmasking Imperialism community is growing, it is always a good day when you do a show comrade. Thank you all! Power to the People!

  2. Nice track by The Delegation Oh Honey at the beginning . 💪🏿 what’s the significance? The fact that you played it shows me you connected.

  3. Thanks for sharing. None of what the 3 letter agencies do surprises me. They kill off revolutionary ldrs in the global south just like they have done within the yankee empire. During the George Floyd protest many blm ldrs were killed suspiciously throughout the country. Of course they are still monitoring activist, I'm also sure they are monitoring those of us that are still against Yankee imperialism, especially with this Russia cold war occurring now. I'm always suspicious when I meet Americans in Mexico in the hospitality industry. Agents will get close to anyone the empire wants to monitor. Love & respect for your channel desde Chiapas.

  4. Here's my question, Mexico was created by Spain, started out as the New Spain. My indigenous brothers and sisters that I've been around with from the southwest of the US disagrees that it was land of Mexico since different indigenous nations with different names were already here, way before Mexico was created. It seems like Spain and the peninsulares just don't get the anger that the US gets, of course that was 100 plus years ago, but the oligarchs of Mexico are still are peninsulares. Wouldn't it be right for all colonializers to get same amount of anger etc.?

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