September 22, 2023
COINTELPRO: The FBI's Cold War Program Designed to Crush All Opposition

Not America’s finest hour. Simon on Twitter: Love content? Check out Simon’s other YouTube …


26 thoughts on “COINTELPRO: The FBI's Cold War Program Designed to Crush All Opposition

  1. Another great video. Don Pedro Albizu Campos was one of the FBI's victims. An committed fighter for Puerto Rican independence, he was also influential in the fight for Ireland and India's fight for Independence. and the FBI tortured and murdered him. His life his incredible, and I really hope you make a video of it for your Biographics channel.

  2. COINTELPRO is 100% still happening in the USA.

    In the last year, Seattle had a couple of brand new activists, that none of the elders in the city had ever heard of before, who were getting constant meetings with the mayor, press, and police, and were sowing counter messaging, even violence, within the protest community.

    We would go on to find out later in the year they were people who had taken plea deals with the feds/police to disrupt the protests. One was hired on by the Seattle government in the position Street Czar.

  3. Is there any point where law enforcement should be able to disregard the law in the name of national security? well if one thinks one has reached that point, one should just rename the service "Geheime Staatspolizei" and be done with the charade.

  4. a government should only be allowed to act outside the law on a case by case basis, and even then after explicit, nationwide, public consensus. the laws are there to protect a nation from its people, but also as a means for the people to protect themselves from the nation

  5. G'day Simon, Historically, there has always been a 'contest' about what individual or organised group were the worst mass murderers, i.e. like Stalin v Hitler etc. One area of historical study has been, sadly, overlooked and even discouraged. If a similar 'contest' for the most corrupt civil servant in modern history was held, the overall 'winner' of that disgraceful title would, always be, J. Edgar Hoover.

    He was, without doubt, the world's pre-eminent blackmailer. This was the mechanism that allowed him to remain in a situation of unique, dark power for so many years. No matter what the political stripe of successive US Presidents, they all bowed to Hoover's demands, either publicly or privately. Why? Simply because Hoover had 'dirt', either real or imagined, on every single president he was 'serving under'. Clearly, the situation was the other way around.

    Presidents were afraid of Hoover and the organisation he controlled with a fist of steel.

    I don't care that Hoover was some kind of transvestite/cross-dresser who promoted his male lover way beyond his capability within the FBI. What people do in the privacy of their homes is no one's business, unless, of course, their proclivities damage other people.

    Of all the people that was, and should have been, the target of a blackmailer, it was J. Edgar Hoover himself.

    If anyone even remotely looked like blackmailing Hoover, even though, for years, he publicly flaunted his relationship with his FBI lover and 'right hand man'. Hoover would have that suspect individual destroyed, in one way or another, no matter what their position in society or politics. (Hoover is still on my list of serious suspects in the murder of JFK, and others.)

    Might there still be remnants of the Hoover years of corruption and disgrace in today's FBI? Well, the fact is I don't know and I'm not going to dig around to find out.

    There is one, small but significant act that any POTUS can do right now. While people are pulling down statues of long dead Civil War luminaries, wouldn't it be a great idea to strike J. Edgar Hoover's name off the Washington H.Q. of the FBI?

    'The FBI Building' is a good enough, correctly descriptive name for the mammoth office block that houses the upper echelons of the FBI in the nation's capital.

    Given that there have been so many public revelations about the twisted, illegalities of Hoover's career out there; in the form of feature films, TV series, innumerable documentaries and books; it's way beyond time to stop giving J. Edgar Hoover the place in history that he never, for one moment, deserved.

    Finally, I'll end on a totally scary thought. After Hoover died, what happened to the hundreds of thousands of documents and files that Hoover kept, outside of the official FBI filing system that he used for his decades long, systematic program for blackmailing thousands of Americans, and foreigners?

    If anyone thinks, for a second, that these files were shredded, as they deserved to be, well, I'd like to sell those people 20 acres of swamp for 100 million dollars.

    Of course, somewhere, perhaps deep in the archives of the FBI headquarters that still bears his name, there is a room that either holds the original documents or a smaller place that has them digitally stored. The one and only good reason for keeping these Hoover documents would be to throw them open to historians and the media, without redaction.

    Tragically, I could bet you Washington to a brick that this is never, ever going to happen.

    Thank you, Simon, for shining a partial light on the atrocious activities of Hoover's FBI, for it truly was his; to do as he wished. Worst of all, he got away with it, thereby destroying untold lives in the process.

    Cheers, BH

  6. Seeing as the CIA actually admitted to starting the Crack epidemic. I'd say the government and law enforcement has been against it's people since the days of prohibition. The day the alphabet agencies started was the day the people were screwed.

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