October 13, 2023
Cointelpro updated Johnson FBI van 115ave 227street illegal human rights violations.criminal network

Updates…Mon. June 8 , 2020. Fib van on 115 ave 227street Morris Johnson hitting my back Windows with DEWS @845 am recorded sounds and video ..microwave .satellites. Particle beams. Directed right now over the back Windows …someone just left in the silver Benz..gits are coming from the back of his house and the empty real estate attached houses at 114- 116 228street .. The Eatman are also intercepting my reports ..someone put a device or something at the side of his home at 630am..The police was at my house and one officer went to the side of my house Rivera from 105 the precinct… ..
Howards , Johnsons , have been tampering with my channel and pretending that they just saw this channel. When they have illegal access to all of my computer network and have been intercepting my reports and complaints about all of the illegal crimes of bio terrorism, use of military DEWS , illegal tampering with my Verizon box, Wi Fi. , mail theft , fraud , recruiting others to participate in these crimes against me , illegal GPS tracking , community mobbing, It’ s 358 am a hit to my front door from Phillip and Krista Howard .. while going throughout my channel ..And all during the night. My home is being hit with Dews .While the usual white FBI van with stringray technology is at its usual place 115 ave and 227street giving horn signals to strike my house. ..
June 7 2020 @728 am one of the Johnsons hit my Verizon box after shooting weaponized military DEWS into my house And I started posting their crimes… 115 ave and 227 street the white FBI van I’d their giving signals to attack my home with DEWS ..meanwhile weaponized drones. Microwaves. Particle beams are directed at my back Windows near Elsie Czayowksys house and also the Johnson’s… Phillip Howard continues to put a laser on my camera around 445 am every morning and yesterday he damaged my camera and intercepted me posting the video…
.May 25,2020 ..After disabling YouTube studio features .FBI informants. Phillip &Krista Howard continue to shoot directed energy at my front door @3:54pm ..While White FBI van continues to give horn signals to the rest of the 227 minions. Lockheed Martin still creating chemtrails and poisons in the air.

June 6, 2020…. The NYPD paid informants are mad because the channel is being seen… Phillip &Krista Howard. … Daily pointing of lasers onto my door camera …finally has damaged it …all captured on the ring…where the laser is turning the picture pinkish…then you hear his ASSistant Krista say oh my God after a breaking sound is recorded…508 am …
They ARE STOPPING / INTERCEPTI NG MY DEVICES. Morris Johnson has involved his whole entire family into doing the dirty work for the NYPD destroying black families and communities…

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