September 29, 2023

21 thoughts on “CONQUERED BY RELIGION!!! LIVE ON 125TH ST. HARLEM!! PT. 2 #GeneralSeti #SaRaSutenSeti

  1. Glad you are uploading some of the older content too. I had my awakening during watching some of your old videos and it piss me off when they got the channel pulled off. They can't contain the truth!!!

  2. That shit you said about the black woman is God but she must honor her manifestation aka her God (which is the black man)! That was so real, we must honor each other.

    Then what you said about music and the drums, how it penetrates your subconscious mind!
    Everything you said was on point!

  3. Seti is raw!! Knowledge anybody everybody from the know how to abuse the word "n" and I believe "Seti" is sincere. But truth be told Sa Neter go in on the word as much.. You are African!!by birth… Facts!! we can't teach the young and old using this word as a "trigger" seti does. He admitted to traitor's on both sides so, the "N" word can't over shadow the information. Would "Seti" call Mfundushi Dr. Leonard Jeffries a "N"? I would strongly disagree I vote to move away from the "N" word's.

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