Consciousness, Its Nature & Role in Experience, A. H. Almaas

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For Nondual teachings, consciousness is everything and the nature of everything. For scientific theories, consciousness appears at some point in the physical world, and makes experience and science possible. Science has advanced various theories to understand consciousness and where it comes from. There is no consensus at this point. At the same time, most nondual teachings view the world that science studies as illusion, or illusion like. Scientists think our
perception of it is like an illusion because it is the way our brains interpret input, but they do not agree that the world is illusion, or that their successful theories are illusion. I will explore both points of view and how there might be an interface between the two that can create a bridge between the insights of mystical experience and the findings of our science.

Hameed Ali (A. H. Almaas) Ph.D., Founder of the Diamond Approach®
Hameed is the founder of the Diamond Approach® – a spiritual teaching that utilizes a unique kind of inquiry into realization, where the practice is the expression of realization. Freedom is living our realization, a dynamic enlightenment where our transcendent nondual truth lives personally in the world. This inquiry opens up the infinite creativity of our Being, transforming our lives into a runaway realization, moving from realization to further realization. Almaas’ books include: The Inner Journey Home, Essence, The Pearl Beyond Price, Luminous Night’s Journey, and The Unfolding Now.


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  1. Almaas is nailing this. This is it. There are many ways to experience reality. Some call it infinite probable parallel realities. True nature is changeless but reality shifts based on how you wish to experience. Just follow your own inner truth. No need to stick to labels. I so resonate with Almaas and yet my true inner teacher is the inner guidance. And i am glad to see a resonant reflection in A H Almaas.

  2. Thank you; as young child could feel the flowers, drew the flowers w/energy/light surrounding, yet could not explain this in reality. Always wondered why we could not accept both sides of being in non-dual dreaming or meditation state of time travel & being on earth running around the grounds…they both exist here as eartlings!

  3. We are in the midst of a non-dual evolving of conscious living that will let us access the planet itself. We are at a crossroads of growth and stagnation. Who are we? Where on the great mission will we be awakened?

  4. This is excellent. I might add that it's not just it's not two different perspectives or two types of experiences, but their methods to claims for truth (knowledge) are different. One is subjective, introspective, and looking for the source of the introversion. The other develops its knowledge, not just sitting on a chair, but interacting with the world. This is the way a child learns, in the body, starting to interact with objects (Piaget). Also, it's no longer enough to sit on a chair, meditate, and say one has seen the truth of "reality" ("enlightenment"), or say "all is consciousness". Neuroscientists would like to mess with the brain (electrical stimulation, anesthesia, drugs, …) to see what effect this would have on these claims. Truth by introspection is not enough. The physical hypothesis would also need to be tested.

  5. Because he feels it and knows it, he speaks the truth about it. Not many people feel this and know it. Unless a person feels it and knows it, he cannot speak the way Dr. Almaas speaks. It comes of actual experience, not theory, not experiments, not suppositions.

  6. यतो वाचो निवर्तन्ते अप्राप्य मनसा सह। (words fails and thoughts return untouched). We cannot experience waking in sleep nor the world in deep sleep. Each state is different from the mental cognition. But my existing in all state is irrespective of which state I'm.


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