Consciousness – Soundtrack (2019)

Kurzgesagt Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by Epic Mountain


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© All rights reserved by Epic Mountain. This song is exclusively composed for Kurzgesagt. Unauthorized downloading and using for any other purpose is not allowed.


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  1. Eyeballs are weird. They absorb light and provide conscious information by rotating 500,000+ photons around every possible spatial axis and at least one temporal axis per second, adjusting the discrete images constructed by bundling the photons together through depth as indicated by the comparing image in the other eye, and objectively reducing the "explanation" of the image down to what our RNA/DNA and personal experience can interpret from its information.

    Information encoded on an event horizon is said to project a holographic image of stellar events. If this (Hawking radiation) is true, then what happens when two black holes provide conflicting information about the same event? Perhaps they become entwined by gravity and forced to "combine" their information into a single conclusion based on the outcome of their interaction.

    There is only one singularity but there are many black holes. You have only one awareness but your two eyes provide you with information that doesn't seem contradictory until you start looking at optical illusions and objects on the horizon.

    So with that said…are eyeballs a sort of "cosmic reflection" of black holes that agreed to cooperate without combining? Is consciousness generated by the sharing of asymmetric information by symmetrically-conjoined spherical objects? And could humanity become capable of controlling gravity and entropy as easily as we can individually move and blink our eyes?

    All weird questions I'd think and type about more…but my eyes are starting to hurt.

  2. Please make short versions and variations of these musics, for example i think first part of this music is very good for only listening but it changes according to original video. If there would be a music that goes as in first part i think dat would be a mastapeece


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