September 22, 2023
Conservatives, Black Lives Matter, Racism | Larry Elder | POLITICS | Rubin Report

of talks to (conservative radio host) about Conservatives, Libertarians, Black Lives Matter, systemic racism, Hollywood liberal bias, and more.

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Larry Elder
Radio Host, “The Larry Elder Show”
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43 thoughts on “Conservatives, Black Lives Matter, Racism | Larry Elder | POLITICS | Rubin Report

  1. Larry Elder is the best. I learn more from listening to him for an hour than I ever do from the News.
    I also applaud Dave for being open minded and didn't just push back for the sake of it

  2. I am white, so i am in a quandry, why don.t the black people of this country that claim to have built this country go back to Africa and build that continent into Wakonda? I know white people went there and built settlements that thrived. Of course those settlements have been disbanded for the sake of the black nationals, what is the problem, you got rid of the whites, why are you having problems? Sadly, for black people, Wakonda was imagined by a white person.

  3. I'm confused. I thought this was going to contain the famous "Name one" (unarmed white killed by black cop) challenge by Larry that Dave couldn't answer. Where is that?

  4. Wow!
    NYC Police Shootings
    1971: 314 93 F
    1991: 108 27 F
    2017: 19 10 F

    2017: 15 NP

    2017: 25 NP < 1% of ALL Shootings

    But we're supposed to believe police are hunting black men.

  5. Man! Watching this in 2023…Dave, you are a unicorn. You have humility. You know the story about Socrates (and others)…two men come to him and say to him that they have heard from the gods and Socrates is the wisest man on earth. And they have come to him to gain wisdom and Socrates (or whoever) says “If it’s true what the gods say and I am the wisest man in the world…it’s only because I don’t know that I am.”

  6. Liar you just don’t wanna expose that you’re a liar cheater’s evil pieces of shit are you kidding me you actually intended to tell the world with your really like liar

  7. One salient point about Libya and Syria… David Cameron was criticised heavily – by the usual suspects – for NOT wanting to join military action. He didn’t want to get Tony Blair’d. After much criticism and accusations of ‘enabling genocide’ and ‘ignoring human suffering’ Britain eventually relented and joined but our involvement was quite limited. If you look at the stats on say Syria -British and Allied forces killed very few people, almost all ISIS fighters. Most bombing and deaths were due to Syrian, Russian and ISIS activity. Yet for some reason the narrative is always that it’s our fault, we bombed these countries all to hell and killed all those people – it’s nonsense. The Leftists demand action then criticise when action is taken and there is a narrative that is NEVER questioned that it’s Western intervention at the root of all problems when it’s clearly not.

  8. Larry you are awesome, run for president! I would like to add concerning Iraq they were shooting missiles into Israel and Bush sr. keeping them from sending nuclear missiles into Iraq.

  9. Let me guess, the guy sitting calmly and trying to get this white American to be reasonable, is the conservative, and the upright-sitting, shouting white American is the social-liberal. Done. The fact that I don't even have to see it to know that the privileged one will obv be a whiny liberal, says that liberals are predictable and wrong in behavior and thought, in such a way that the insane one is obv known to be a liberal.

  10. "We'll just end up taking an eye for an eye." Really, Dave? That bad? Right there. Thanks, Dave. Cheap shot and not appreciated. Maybe is a west coast Hebrew thing. Snarky condescension of religion. Especially our own.

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