November 9, 2023

Amidst a growing crisis, 28 must demonstrate true leadership, operationalise pledges made in the past and make the difference that is needed says Ibrahima Cheikh Diong.

Arguably, the annual United Nations Change Conference has become increasingly important as a to consolidate milestones achieved, debate issues and agree on new commitments – amidst a growing climate crisis. But unless there is a concerted effort to honour decisions taken at the summit, much of this work will be mere talk. As global leaders and stakeholders in the climate change environment head to 28 in November 2023, the world is waiting in anticipation, eager to see how the summit will build on previous achievements and progress key decisions, particularly contentious issues.

The landmark decision to grant loss and damages to developing countries following extreme climate events was a significant milestone from COP27, and expectations are that we…

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