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—*UPDATE* On March 26th, 2020, the department announced it had completed its administrative investigation and that Duke will return to full-duty on April 6. Duke and a supervisor who was on the scene at the time of Green’s arrest were found to have violated departmental policy.

“The Mobile Police Department has taken the appropriate actions to hold Officer Duke and the on-duty supervisor accountable for their actions,” —

Mobile Police Department
Phone: (251) 208-1700
Officer: Blake Duke

Chief Lawrence Battiste said there will be a thorough investigation and he wants to make sure the public knows this is being taken seriously.

The video, which surfaced online Wednesday, shows an MPD officer arresting a man while onlookers made the video recording of the incident.

“Why are you choking him?” a bystander can be heard to say in the video recording.

Chief Battiste said he saw the video on Wednesday, just hours after it was posted online and immediately acted.

“I took pause because it shows this agency, Mobile Police Department, in a negative light.”

The Chief said it is too early to make a judgement whether Officer Blake Duke crossed the line by using excessive force.






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