December 1, 2021

11 thoughts on “Coronavirus | President Ramaphosa briefs media ahead of Wuhan repatriation

  1. They looking very serious because they dont have a clue on what they are doing. I can imagine what they going to do. 🙉. I can only think of previous examples. They went into the Central African republic and you know the result and you've heard of Eseodominie and you know the result. You've heard of public health and you know the rest.🙉🙉🙉🙉

  2. Yes we might differ with political affiliates, however with resources SA hv I guess that's the best we can do to manage situations, we just need our fellow SAcns to return home…..

  3. Happy landing Guy s This job what you are facing is not a child's play But We South Africans going to fly with you spiritiously Heads up and Ears close We trust you Thank you also Mr President Of SouthAfrica. Bring the Kids Healthy back home We trust you!!!!!!!! Happy Landing andHappy coming Back with the Kids Home We Will defeat the Dévil Virus of the World

  4. Heard Eff Dr Ndlozi asking when was the minister Zweli Mkhize planning to bring those South Africans in Wuhan back to South Africa,this was yesterday in parliament yesterday while giving an update on the virus .

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