October 18, 2021

29 thoughts on “Coronavirus | Ramaphosa on a walkabout at OR Tambo ahead of Wuhan repatriation

  1. shame i know our president to be useless compared to all the previous ones,honestly this is super worse and unthinkable to let out other South Africans to go straight to where the decease origins' is he that careless about us to that an extends where he couldn't even take time to think of a different or alternative way of bringing those people back home, maybe like meeting them somewhere in the middle of nowhere away from those who doesn't have it to get tested and confirmed if they have it or not!! concernedly why do we have to think better on behalf of somebody who is above us all so-called president (clueless president)

  2. Didn't they still get it that screening doesn't really help. People with no symptom at arrival can still pass, shame!! Even china it self announces to do 14 days quarantine for those who come from infected countries but countries in Africa are still flying to china and other high risk countries. Risking peoples live

  3. It's so sad that they don't care about us how sure are they that these people are OK to come here what about our kids they are killing us slowly if they safe why can't they leave them there until they get a cure for this virus πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”πŸ’”

  4. Aowa banna, SABC? Why are they so unprofessional in everything they do. I'm not in the media industry but these images are very amateurish. Who handles their cameras? Do they get potters from the hospital do carry their cameras? Can't they get a briefing in advance on how the movements are going to be? The whispering in the backgrounds, come on maan. You're embarrassing us

  5. China has managed to control the situation and contain the virus, I think South African government is late. 14 temporary hospitals in Wuhan for covid-19 has been closed due to that the number of infection has decreased significantly.

  6. Those SA STUDENTS from wuhan are going to infect with coronavirus not only the SA citizens but the virus will be brought by vehicles to all neighbouring countries surrounding South Africa and ANC SA government just don't care. It would be impossible that 181 people from the most dangerous area like wuhan, the epicentre of this virus, they are all well. It is a total lie. There are coronavirus carriers within those students. They are coming to kill millions of South Africans and neighbouring countries. It's so scared. At least we will die together with their parents and siblings. How shocking this trip is. Some people are so selfish and cruel.

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