September 20, 2021

5 thoughts on “Coronavirus | Repatriation flights for French nationals in SA

  1. besides a most likely extended lockdown our stats are far from accurate banning booze i can understand as it is a social practice and could promote gatherings but the ban on cigarettes is very unfair cele if it might cause complications in a hospital system we know cannot cope this the entire country knows basically i resign myself to if i get coronavirus and need hospitalization i might as well stasy home and kick the bucket because the health facilities in this country are very much ill equipped for this national disaster i think that cigs should be unbanned and the taxes which they generate according to a capetalk article to the tune of 35 million a day should be pumped into the health system daily is this not a better solution than the tobacco ban which is creating all kinds of other problems like looting and black market cigarettes and organised criminal element to get hold of the tobacco market in our country .does cele not see what all these factors add up to

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