September 22, 2021

16 thoughts on “Coronavirus | Repatriation mission of South Africans from COVID-19 outbreak epicentre under way

  1. How political can one get? 25 million Rand and 151 defence force staff to return 122 citizens from the other side of the earth to quarantine in a luxury hotel. What a rigmarole.

  2. These South African's are much safer where they are currently, rather than returning to SA where there is no guarantee that you would be safe from those who are entering our country from all parts of the world and not showing any symptoms as yet. Although these travelers are told to be self quarantined, there have been cases with all where they have had contact with at least a minimum 15 other people. SA can't handle load shedding but to quick to invite a Pandemic.

  3. Can someone talk some sense to this president of South Africa he's trying to save 100 people by killing the nation this people are getting help in China they even built hospital for them for what he's bringing them here acting like he cares nx😠

  4. That's a lie about Chinese president Xi visited wu han to show the rest the world it is safe, they got the army and police to every house along the path road where the president was walking to shout the people's mouth up and not to cry for help.

  5. I'm actually proud of SA for bringing back those that were in Wuhan.
    I had little faith in our country in this regard. #TheyProvedMeWrong.

    Now we just need to pray that all precautions to limit the spread are followed and that those brought back home are healthy.

    Many sources say the rate of recovery is high, however considering the poor quality of our health system, I worry about many of the low income individuals.

    One infected person in a township community, where so many homes are so close knit with over 40 kids in a classroom, the spread will be rapid.

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