September 22, 2023
Correcting misunderstandings of Sara Suten Seti about Noble Drew Ali, Islam, and Moor

Correcting misunderstandings of Sara Suten about , Islam, and Moor

We have no time to play around.
Truth is aught.

Canaanland class:

Amor Shinjitsu Shalom Svaboda Justice



32 thoughts on “Correcting misunderstandings of Sara Suten Seti about Noble Drew Ali, Islam, and Moor

  1. Islam. What I've learned is when individuals challenge truth those who are the listener must not take their word but study. Sara seti should never accuse another brother that worked hard to bring a people out of darkness. He should be ashamed to what to continue to divide a nation.

  2. Seti is right the Moors are a cult, so is every other religion is the world, some are just well accepted, and are part of the government (separation of church and state?).

  3. Peace. I'm a citizen of the Philippines. Is that a legit nationality? I have studied many forms of Islam. From "Orthodox", to Nation of Islam/ Nation of Gods and Earths. I love them all. But Noble Drew Ali is the most interesting Prophet. Allah, is aligned with All Laws. I understand all the bombs dropped by Tariq Bey and a lot of the Moors. If U're Lawless then U're Godless.

  4. Thank you Moe. There would be no Malcolm X Louis Farrakhan Elijah Muhammad if it wasn't for the prophet Noble Drew Ali. Thank you Moor. 👍👍👍

  5. What is Sura Seti's favorite drink? I appreciate his efforts, but he be sounding drunk. How you gonna get on the vid drunk trying to disrespect anybody belief system
    Might I add….why is he always so fucking madd. Bro, get a grip, we gonna get to the bottom this together.

  6. Both of y'all need to get yourselves together you never been to no other countries and here this man has and got research to prove and you want to internet dis y'all weak as hell

  7. Using Islam,The circle 7 Koran is foolish for our people to follow..and using the white man's definition, to define you…shit Malcolm X read black and white and those definitely aren't correct

  8. The ALL ……ALLA ……ALL ……..The beginning and the end UNI -VERSE …1st vibration
    I do appreciate your calm narrative
    man indoctrinates…….FATHER …..HE…… him …….
    …yet duality is the Creator force……
    The humanizing ..personifying ……THE ALL as A "MAN"…..ifest …
    the Womb-MAN= FE-MALE is the birth place of ALL

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