September 18, 2021


  1. Stand up, Like General Seti say's, develope your HEB funds, so your family's Bloodlinages can develop and afford to assemble your own Starships, sobjoin us,at EDWARD C.WILLIS II AKA KING ECW2, ECW2 HUMBOLDT AEROSPACE GROUP PAGE ON FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE A BREAKAWAY CIVILIZATION GROUP COLONIZING OUTERSPACE

  2. When I was in high school we called a dude like this an instigator… must instigators ain't gonna do shit when the shit gets real…. talking the '60's info….

  3. Personally i do everrything for myself nails, hair, body. I have my own hair and veryy proud of it !!! And my daughter will absolutely love herself just like her mother. I am not from the US, but that nail salon incident was shameful. In my country we have a lot of chinese hair and nail salons, but you wouldn't catch me dead in any of those. They hate the black man with a passion, if they can't get money from us they want nothing to do with us. We should be more discriminating where we as black people get our services from. The children need to be taught to love and know yourself.

  4. Thank you again, I thank the ancestors that they have given you the correct knowledge to awaken us Seti we are divine and I ask our ancestors to give you much wealth and excellent health, G,A,S,. BLACK POWER.

  5. Now if you put some I will put some and we will grow together I do not want what is your in pocket my brother and sister but to more in it millions but we musts take controlled like seti is saying one love

  6. That is why Isis devil trying to destroy Egypt walls rasta told year ago that this not a King James version because out of Africa came the garden of Eden WUW!!!!πŸ”ŒπŸŽ†

  7. Centralize and orginize is what we need because to many year sell that shit and got greedy in stead of following scare face I started my own business I need help to push it up I was looking invester not even my own wife did n9t want help me she more concern grabing all the πŸ’° no understanding of investing at all and telling my own son yeh look at he just run every thing my own son can't take every dollar and not put it back the business it will fall

  8. Seti , I've been curious about something..Do u know why Young Pharoah has a 5 point star inside od a circle on both of his upper arms?
    I noticed they are positioned on the inside/under area of his upper arms so that when his arms are down or at his side, the tattoos are not visible. I know I should ask him, but YP gets soo defensive at times that me, as a follower, are hesitant to ask him question. But do u have any ideas about why he has them or what they mean? I know they sometimes have a sinister meaning among the occult. But has YP found a more righteous meaning for them? It's obvious that they are of some importance to YP because he has 1 on each arm..just cururious.

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