September 18, 2021


  1. Peace and light family…just wanted to give you love and acknowledgeme t for all you do…I have recently left the Hebrew Israelite teachings and have come back full circle to the beginning…

  2. 🤜🤜👊 I Still Disagree! U My Boy Seti But What's So Called Egyptology or Mayan Is Just 2 Deep For Indoctrinations, 2 Learn This Stuff Would Be Like Performing An Excorcism on The Pope. 🤜🤜👊 🧨💥🔥🤯

  3. 🤜🤜👊.. I Disagree! This Century's Calendar 📅 System Is An Indoctrinated System, & Even Then Indoctrinated Several Times Before The Pale Faces👊👊🤜…

  4. The symbol of the Star Sirius is a Obelisk, Dome and Star – In Washington D.C. their is an Obelisk, The White House has a Domes and the streets of Washington is laid out in a Pentagram

  5. It seems that black peoples appeared out of no where. I can only assume that black people our cosmic people meaning that they were created by the same process that brought the sun into being. If this is true. A vid from you would be very informing.

  6. Last when it comes to the origins of black peoples. Could you make a a vid on origins of black peoples. I understand the history. But when’s it comes to the origins. There’s a lot of claim going to the annunaki or Elohim. Which seems to be misleading in some aspects. I would really appreciate it if you could distinguish the difference or the lies from truth on origins of black peoples period. If they have the capabilities to manufacture information that is false on the origins of black people. It’s hard to see the truth. Or what’s fact or false.

  7. I hear you mentioning globe planet. I’m heavy on the studies. If you could do a vid on debunking flat earth or speaking on that it’s actually is a globe. If you could speak on it. I would deeply appreciate it. I’m all ears. I’m not in favor for any. But just want to hear your perspective 👍🏾

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