September 17, 2021

38 thoughts on “Cost of living in Kampala Uganda. Moving to Africa, Uganda.

  1. in US 15% tip is customary, at SIT DOWN restaurants (not fast food, buffets, cafeterias, or street vendors), some coffee shops, and bars/clubs … tipping at bars is usually $1 per drink at the bar if served by as waitress, tip up to 10%, at coffee shops it's optional, at most $1 if they have a tip jar at the check out, otherwise if you sit down at the coffee shop and are served, then you tip the waitress, if you order standing up at the counter, tip is optional … don't worry, you will get notice if a tip a due … like in Africa, first time you go out take a local with you, rules vary from locale to locale, community to community, culture to culture …. America is not one tribe

  2. Awesome content guys, thank you. A security deposit is what the fee is called. Shopping for fruits and veggies in supermarkets is only convenient but more expensive, with no chance of bargaining even 😂. I think the internet in Uganda is so expensive for nothing yet it is unreliable!

  3. Hello, how are you. Can you right all costs here, because I don't know English very well.. And can you ask how many cost English language courses for 3 months . Examples in Sir Nilsson school. I am Arabic man and I want at study English in Uganda.. Thank you so much..

  4. Thank you so much Nabz , I have always enjoyed your content from the beginning, this is very useful information and it will help many to make different decisions based on what they want to know.

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