July 6, 2022

35 thoughts on “Cost of moving to Africa permanently ( Ghana,Gambia ,Tanzania)

  1. Great video I’ll be moving in two years Ghana or Tanzania. Doing photography but I’m bringing at least 30k should have more in two years going to watch your other videos on what other things I can do as well

  2. @connect u 2 Africa — I am ready to make the move. I am saving money. But can't decide which country would be best. Do you have a video on that?

  3. Africans born in the diaspora often inquire about the cost of living on the continent. No amount quoted will be accurate because there are too many determining factors. This has to be determined by the individual themselves because no one knows your individual budget, number of family members, or standard of living. The biggest cost of living I talk about on my channel is the double taxation expats experience living abroad. US citizens have a tax obligation no matter where they live in the world. I can see the future of this repatriation movement resulting in a lot of black Americans being charged with tax evasion because they don't know their tax obligation. When we are researching how to move to Africa I hope were considering the burden of double taxation…

  4. It is this simple if you find the right people like yr self and have a common unity then it will not cost u much but if you have a devilish mindset then it will cost you lots of the fake money you should not go to afrika with i pink mindset only thinking of yr self like how you have been taught when you was living amongst the pinks

  5. We recently moved from US to Rwanda, lead by TMH. Definitely save, start your own business on the continent you may not be use to the change in income coming from the states. It’s also good to do a business in the states that you can do online to continue to keep that US dollar (perfect time because of COVID). Checkout our channel and see how business is made easy in Rwanda.

  6. Hello brother its 3:52 a.m. here in the America but I have to get this out to you. On eBay there's a lot of leather bound antique books between the year 1818 an 1849 for sale if you can personally email some of your personal friends of the diasporas that you know here in America please ask them to try very hard to purchase the books that they can afford it would give them better insight on just how this country was set up to manipulate the system to become what it is today. I only bought one that's dated 1825 titled the Virginia Justice. The price kind of hurt by pocket a little bit but it was worth it. Because I plan to bring that book with me when I come to Africa to use it as a tool to wake up the Young school children that has the desire to get schooled here in America. Hopefully they'll think twice before coming here. I'm hoping that you can encourage some of the diaspore to purchase as many of those books as possible because that's the true part of American history and if they fall in the wrong hands I'm sure that a lot of them would be destroyed to continue to have the truth about how the judicial system was design to oppress the little people here in America especially the blacks. By reading the book it will make them even stronger to convince them that they are living in the wrong place and that they should return to the motherland. Without going into details I won't be able to John your Channel until 2 weeks from today. But for now I do still hit the like button Faithfully. I can't wait to become a member. Please feel free to remove this comment after you read it or you can use your own discretion if it's just stay up or not Peace by brother

  7. This particular topic that you just did please do a live stream of it so the people that live in different countries in Africa can call in and give their input on the amount of money roughly per month that the diasporas would be spending out of their checking account to sustain themselves in various countries throughout Africa. Say for instance I don't know where I want to live. Ghana, Gambia, Botswana, Tanzania, Senegal or Sierra Leone. But right now looking more towards Sierra Leone or The Gambia. Thank you for all your work that you've been doing in bringing more truthful information to the Forefront about the real Africa. And not the the lies that we've been taught about such as jungles and starving peoples in the entire continent. I do have to admit though once Google came into play my main questions was always about Africa once my eyes was open it was no turning back I can't wait until covid-19 is over so I can finish implementing my plans to move to the continent my passport is up-to-date already. Please! Please! Keep doing the work you're doing, because I hope that somehow some way all and I mean all African diaspora can pull up out of America and return to the motherland. We owe it to our ancestors…… it's our duty to our ancestors to return their DNA back to the motherland……. to do anything less….. I see it as being very disrespectful to all of them.

  8. Hi, thanks for your channel. Useful info. I am moving to The Gambia next year. I already have enough to buy a piece of land (25×25), build a two storey home, and pay for rent for a year while I wait for the home to be built. I have been thinking of streams of incomes to establish myself there. What businesses do you recommend for Gambia? Retail? Restaurant? Bed & Breakfast? Import/Export? Agriculture and agro processing? Thanks in advance for your feedback.

  9. I believe first visit the country you want to reside, then make your decision, because all situations are different you might not like the place you going to.

  10. I agree, those expecting a fixed retirement income are really at an advantage. My only suggestion for them, spend a few months in a country first to see if it fits, and don't make any financial commitments until you've found a place you like the most. That's what I plan to do.

  11. Much needed information and advice. I already took your advice previously and am planning to go for 1 year and see if I like the country.

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