September 17, 2021

28 thoughts on “Could Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Be Moving To Africa? | TODAY

  1. The reason is that its not Harry's baby but Markus Anderson. To avoid a massive scandal if it becomes visible with the baby. Thats why no fotoshoot, hiding. Thats also the why palace is moving them to Afrika. Goldigging Meghan has a love relation with Markus Anderson. Its not the first time she used a husband for her carreer. The palace rules, tradition should have warned Harry about being fooled with Markus Anderson always being around, nearby them. And decline the marriage for golddiggers reasons. Palace rules makes sense and they know.

  2. The Queen is still in charge. Once she dies, then it will be King Charles. William has to wait for 2 people to die before he becomes King and that will be in the distant future. Until then, he has zero authority over Harry. He needs to tell his aides to stop colluding with the British press to write fabricated hit piece after hit piece on Meghan. His aides told The Times in the article, "don't worry your influence will grow and Harry's will fade." It boils down to jealousy over Harry's global popularity.

  3. The Uk main on Sunday reported that it was William who collaborated with the press because Harry and Meghan are becoming more popular than him and his wife Kate it was also said that it was William who was behind the negative smear of Meghan. They said because Harry married Meghan after he advised him not to

  4. Megan & Harry,
    May U Both
    Be Blessed
    In Whatever U Decide
    To Do Regarding
    Ur Own Family.
    & Please Inform
    Prince Charles,
    That By Hook Or By Crook,
    He Will Take His Rightful Place
    As King Of The United Kingdom
    As The People’s ALLIANCE
    Of 🇬🇧 Will Ensure It
    qeii Will Be Adjudicated
    For Princess Diana’s
    Untimely Death.
    💃 👑
    (P.S. Commenters:
    NOT William Who ❤️s
    His Bro & Megan,
    But Kate 🤢
    Who DOES NOT.)

  5. **THEY KILLED 70,000,000 AFRIKKKANS ⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️⚰️WITH AIDS IN AFRIKKKA* 1970 NOW THEY ACT LIKE THEY LIKE THEM*🤢🤢***;

  6. If you move to Africa good luck Good riddance,and if Megan thinks that she's going to get Harry over there and tried to set up their own little colony have our own little little town and name it and he's the king and she's the queen it's not going to happen she is just so transparent and everything that she does she's not at all smart it does not take a rocket scientist to know what her next move is going to be I just can't believe Harry is that stupid but evidently he is or maybe he knows something that we don't know. Lights camera action.

  7. Meghan and Harry are blessed and cannot be cursed! The Lord will defend and protect them! Lord God Almighty see the evil that has arisen against this couple who you have brought together, please protect them and establish them, let no weapon formed against them prosper and every tongue that rise against them be condemned, vindicate and establish them in your Righteousness, thank you Lord!

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