COVID-19 Conspiracies Keeping Black People Confused and Dysfunctional

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Covid-19 conspiracies are keeping Black people confused and dysfunctional.

Covid-19 is a hoax. Covid-19 is a biological weapon created by China to attack the United States. Black people are immune to Covid-19 but governments are keeping it a secret. Covid-19 is a government deception designed to take away Black people’s freedom. Covid-19 is a biblical plague that signals the ending of the world and the coming of Christ.

These are only a small sample of some of the conspiracies and propaganda being spread on social media by mindless Black people. If I wasn’t Black myself, I’d be laughing but the level of ignorance from Black people I’m witnessing is saddening. Fortunately, I already understand our collective psychological condition. The reason why Black people are so susceptible to conspiracies and mis-information is due to three things; Religion, Racism, and Desire Dependency.


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