September 28, 2021

18 thoughts on “COZY RENTALS IN KAMPALA CORE | MOVING TO AFRICA SERIES – UGANDA | Naguru, Kamwokya, Bukoto

  1. Hi Racheal, you’re beautiful and I like your vids! I am Ugandan Canadian too! In this video, the first apartment, I don’t know about you, this may be cheap to u but to most ppl $1800 is way to expensive given the GDP of the country! Housing prices, school fees etc in Uganda do not make sense at all given average Ugandan earnings! It’s all upside down and it’s our Job the young generation to fight this! My goal is to invest in rentals, short term or long term, schools and slice the prices in half and make them more affordable! It really bothers me that I have to pay $1000 or more for rent in my home country! What Ugandans don’t understand that hiking prices up will drive tourism away! I spend less vacationing in places like Thailand or Vietnam or South America than Vacationing in Uganda nowadays and it shouldn’t be like that! Just my opinion

  2. I am from Europe and have lived and traveled a lot all over the world including Uganda 2 times, my husband is Ugandan, I’ve never understood why the rental price in Uganda is so ridiculously expensive compared to other countries, it’s in no way in sync with medium salaries in Uganda and much more expensive than in Ghana and Kenya and even Spain for example.

  3. My dearhart, you have truly answered my prayers. I am in the process of moving to Uganda and been a bit frustrated with what I have or haven't found as far as accommodations online to my personal liking…I log in today and bam! Your video…thank you thank you thank you lol!

  4. Kampala has horrible traffic, horrible roads, horrible police, horrible infrastructure and the worst of them is LOAD-SHEDDING=No electricity every other day.😡

  5. The first apartment If it had a washing machine it would be great.
    I like the view.
    That yellow wall and sunflowers are perfect for you fits your personality 🤗
    Waiting for your house tour

  6. Hi , Rachael , I'm Jucimar from Brazil and I live in California . I really like your videos
    and your personality. If one day I decide to
    go to the African continent for a visit . I'll definitely try to contact and meet you in person . You're a such intelligent , talented , beautiful woman.

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